Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday's Heroes Part I

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in...from those of you that check in regularly to see who gets a those of you that have happened on this page for the first time - Monday's post highlight a few of the more notable performances in the world of sports from the past seven days or so (NFL, NHL, MLB and European Soccer garner most of the attention). A special "hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

So for the first installment today - the NHL.

This past weekend, Mario Lemieux told Wayne Gretzky that he was removing his name from the list of potential players for this year's Team Canada at the Turin Olympics. Lemieux cited his health, his play, and a bumper crop of good young players as the reasons for his decision. If anyone ever had a right to call his own shot, it is Lemieux - for the way he played for Team Canada, I know I'll never forget his goal in that won the Canada Cup...where he took a pass from Gretzky, with Larry Murphy used as a decoy. Lemieux is arguably one of the best of all time - I have said it before and will say it again. I never saw Bobby Orr in his prime, but I am assured by everyone who did that he was indeed the best player ever. So I will defer to these hockey mavens and say Orr number 1. Lemieux gets my vote for number 2 - yes over Gretzky...Lemieux had far less to work with in terms of teammates, in an era of hockey that Gretzky could not have dealt as well with..."Clutch and Grab". When Lemieux played in the era of free-wheeling hockey, his numbers were comparable to I said, with less in terms of a supporting cast. So thank you Mario have done us proud and you absolutely deserve a Hazie.

Joe Thornton was honoured this week. Thornton has kick started the San Jose Sharks (have they lost since the trade?) Thornton was dominant this past weekend...expect more of the same as he pushes for his roster spot on Team Canada. I hate to admit it, but Pierre Maguire made a great point this morning about Thornton and the way he was treated by Bruins management. Thornton was often left with no support from Bruins' management - during the last playoffs against Montreal...for the times the Pat Burns and New Jersey Devils used to put Madden, Stevens and Rafalski on the ice against Thornton at all times - the Bruins never did anything to get him away from that matchup...instead preferring to make him fight through it and let fans criticize Big Joe. Maguire said the Bruins treatment of Thornton was abysmal (that wasn't Pierre's word..I think he improperly used the word "horrid"). So to Joe Thornton I say...TWO MORE YEARS TIL YOU WEAR THE BLUE AND WHITE OF LEAF NATION!

I don't know about you...but I love the fact that Wayne Primeau HATES losing...and the fact that Brad Stuart is the real deal...and that Marco Sturm represents an interesting paradox...Maybe Jack Edwards has a few more reasons on why this trade was good for Boston. Apologies in advance to Hazel.

Well, that's about it for this aft. Back later with more.

Before I of the funny Maguire-isms (some really dumb things he says when trying to sound smart). Talking on Friday about teams playing on the road during the Christmas season do better than teams at home. Maguire says there is scientific proof that its true...Scientific proof that teams who are on the road at Christmas play better than those at home. The scientific proof according to Maguire? "Check the records." Thanks Pierre...

Have a great rest of the afternoon...Hazel, hope things are groovy in your world.

Peesth out!


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