Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Festivus!

Hey peeps, andanyone else checking in on this fine freezin' freakin' morning (-22 C - which is like a million below F for our American friends). A special “Hey” goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae...you must be laughing at trading of the uber cold weather of Ontario for the warmer yet "snowier" weather of New England.

So today is the office Christmas/holiday season party/gather/informal get together – you see where I am going with this right? The good people of New England know exactly what I’m talking about – a bit of a firestorm was started down there over the Holiday Tree (or something like that). For Canadians not in the know about this…every year the good people of New England get a tree from Nova Scotia – it’s a big deal on both sides of the border; from the people of Boston for whom this has become a Christmas tradition – to the people of Nova Scotia who begin the selection process for the tree in the fall.

So its Festivus here today – you’ll love the feat of strength if you are Canadian…we are going to participate in the ultimate WASP winter sport/game/pastime – Curling! Yes peeps, your humble Portuguese-Canadian correspondent/editor/publisher is going to slide down a sheet of ice lifting/pushing a 42 pound granite rock and screaming HURRRRAAAAY…HAAAAARD..HAAAAAAAAAAAAARD… OFFFFF!!! RIGHT OFFFFFFFF! OFFFFFFFFF! Trust me peeps, if Hazel is reading this, she’ll be snickering/laughing – at Rogers, she had to recap curling events like the Brier and the Scott Tournament of Hearts. For New Englanders who aren’t familiar with Curling…it’s basically shuffle board on ice – with a person sliding a stone down the ice, with two people sweeping, and one mental case screaming their head off at the sweepers instructing them to sweep (HURRY- HARD) or to stop sweeping (OFF!!!!) I’ll let you know how things go later…

Curling…why do I feel compelled to sing “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” - Hey, its an afternoon off…I can kinda/sorta meld with the WASPs…except I have a bit of tint and come from a Roman Catholic Latin background… HURRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


From the good people at Canoe – looks like today is going to be an ok kind of day for Hazel.

Good times are headed your way, so stop being so afraid to make a move. Now is not the time to hold back or have a wait-and-see attitude. Get your courage back and take control. 3 stars

Make a move huh? I wonder if that means that the National Networks are starting to knock on Hazel’s door? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit…

Have a great day everyone…

Hazel, hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Morning on Hazelspeeps at yahoo…only because I heard it four times on the way into work today…

So This Is Christmas – John Lennon.

I’m thinking of the 12 days of Christmas – it would start today…wouldn’t it?
On the twelfth day of Christmas I wish that Hazel would give to me – 12 healthy Maple Leafs forward for a new year’s run at the Cup.

Peesth Out!


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