Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Craps! Forget Texas Hold 'Em

Hey peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special hey goes to Ms. Hazel Mae on this fine - but freakin’ cold Wednesday.

Today felt like a Vegas kind of morning – hence the title…the walk to work (from dropping off my car at the mechanic) was so cold that “the boys” felt like a pair of dice – they were so frozen that you could hear them rattle…I could have shot craps with them. No Snake Eyes jokes please...I'm in for one nasty afternoon run today.

Some interesting stuff to come later on; in this week’s edition of the weird, the whacked and the downright silly in the world of sports we’ll touch on

· More rumours coming out of MLB – according to a TSN source…someone may want Eric Hinske…I’ll believe it when I… never mind, I’m NOT buying it. Nomar to the Yankees? can you say RAMADA?
· Provocative gestures to soccer crowds in Italy, you won’t believe this one.
· To going back to our friend Ben Johnson…yes…THAT Ben!

I’ll let you decide where these stories and more fit later…Back to work, but before I go

Do your thing and get involved in whatever it is that is attracting your attention. Activity is the name of the game, so keep yourself busy. An adventure is heading your way, a chance to do something unusual. 4 stars

Have yourself a groovy Wednesday Hazel.

On this eleventh day of Christmas I wish Hazel would give to me – a promise of 11 healthy and in-form players to wear the “Cinq quninas” of maroon and green this summer in Germany.

I leave you with one song on this freakin cold Wednesday…thoughts of warmer times and drinks with umbrellas in them…

The Ketchup Song – Las Ketchup.

Peesth out!


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