Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy American Thanksgiving

Hey all - to those of you checking in from the US, ya we Canadians celebrate American Thanksgiving - we may not do the deep-fried turkey, but we take the day off from work to watch some football...though I'm guessing Hazel Mae isn't taking the day off to watch.

Lots to be thankful for here - Leafs back on track and the Cowboys are going to lay a beating on the Dolphins tomorrow...a "mahi-mahi thanksgiving" in big D

Thanksgiving Thursday picks

Dallas -7 over Miami - book it, we had a bit of a letdown against the Skins...Dolphins pay the price.

Green Bay -6.5 over Detroit - Lions are getting back to who they should average team.

Take those two to the bank peeps.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - I'm Out!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finally! Hazel Karma at the ACC

Hazel's return to Sportsnet coincided with a rough patch for the "Maeple Leafs" - thankfully, the boys got things sorted out tonight against the Caps to stop the bleeding.

Unbelievable win - 7-1 over the Caps, while missing seven starters. The Monster finally played like one, and the line of Kessel - Bozak - Lupul were on fire tonight.

Seven goals - Three on the power play and one shorthanded
Forty saves by Gustavsson
Perfect on the penalty kill

Yup, Hazel Karma at the ACC.

Three picks for your NFL Sunday

Cowboys -7 over REDSKINS - the Boys are rolling right now, while the Skins are just plain reeling. Forget the rivalry angle, the division match-up angle or anything other angle some wiseguy might want to sell you on. The Cowboys roll over the Skins.

BEARS -3.5 over Chargers - see above explanation, the wheels have fallen off in San Diego - not good when you are facing the Bears D in Chicago. The Chargers offense is a mess and the D couldn't stop Hazel from running for 6 or 7 yards on every handoff. Bears win...not big, but they cover.

GIANTS -5.5 over the Eagles - I just threw up in my mouth...picking the freakin' Giants. The Eagles are terrible, and they just got a whole lot worse with the news that Vince Young "Mr. Dream Team" is starting. The Cowboys will overtake the Giants and win the division...they just have to wait another week to catch the Giants.

There you go...A Sunday three play to welcome Hazel Mae back.

I'm Out

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome Back Hazel Mae

Hey all...

On behalf of Leaf Nation - Welcome back Hazel Mae...the Nation (and the Leafs) needs some Hazel Karma.

Hazel has been great on Sportsnet Connected - definitely in her element.

Hazel, how about a little good karma for the boys in red - 6-2 v Bosnia and no mention on Sportsnet? Damn

Euro 2012 - Ronaldo is bring his boys to the party!

I'm Out

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