Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday's Picks

Quick post for Three Play Peeps - resisting temptation to talk about the Maple Leafs today.

New York Rangers over Boston - Bruins won yesterday, expect the Rangers to even the score today. Lay $100 on the Rangers - $185.

San Diego + 14 over New England - see yesterday's entry. Lay $100 on the Chargers plus the points.

Green Bay - 7.5 over NY Giants - see yesterday. Lay $100 on the Packers

Philadelphia over Ottawa - Tards are reeling with injury concerns - so much for their great depth. Flyers get it done today. Lay $100 on the Flyers - $145.

Enjoy your Championship Sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would have lost some serious coin if I took those bets. Not all of them, but not most of them.

10:19 PM  

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