Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Night Picks

Makin' it brief - while Tilt is playing poker in Vegas, and doing well as of his last call, I'm hitting a home game tonight and I'm gonna take it down.

Tonight's NHL Picks - the total for the week is more or less even now.

New Jersey over Florida - the Panthers are reeling and the Devils are steaming after dropping one to the Isles. Devils have won their last seven home games against Florida. Lay $100 on the Devils - $210.

Chicago over Colorado - upset special. The Avs will be without Paul Statsny tonight - as if playing without Joe Sakic and Ryan Smyth wasn't enough. Avs first home game after long road know what the trend says about that. Lay $100 on the Blackhawks + $140.

Calgary over LA Kings - the Flames return home after a road trip, but I'm going to buck the trend here and say they turn it up a notch or two to beat the Kings. Lay $100 on the Flames - $210.

That's it for now - I can't believe what I just found in my time to address it now, maybe later, maybe tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to check in.

I'm Out!


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