Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Go ahead and crown their damn asses

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

You can probably guess what my thoughts are on the weekend that was in the world of sports.

First things first - congratulations to the New England Patriots for their fourth Super Bowl title in six years. Sunday's shockers have pretty much cleared the way for the Patriots to win it all again - please, no ridiculous emails about how Brett Favre and the Packers can beat the Patriots; Bill Belichick will develop a defensive game plan that will make Favre look a donkey (the donkey he really is). So while the likes of Pete Prisco (of CBS Sportsline) console themselves after Indianapolis' latest playoff failure with thoughts that the stinking New York Giants might be a charmed team; we (Tilt and I) will be the first to extend our hands and congratulate the Patriots and their fans on a historical season. Even Dennis Green would agree.

Still haven't recovered from the shock, embarrassment and disgust over the Cowboys imploding against the stinking Giants - while the world laughs at Terrell Owens, I'll give it up to him for getting in the game. The loss doesn't go on Terrell, it doesn't go on Romo, and it doesn't (as my esteemed counterpart suggests) go on the offensive line of the Cowboys (maybe Leonard Davis for a stupid and selfish penalty for plastering Strahan) the loss can be put squarely on the shoulders of:

Patrick Crayton for dropping a third down pass in the third quarter that resulted in the Giants getting the ball back in great position and going in for the score. Crayton solidified his status as Donkey of the Game by inexplicably coming to a stop on the five yard line on a play that was supposed to go to the end zone. If Jimmy Johnson was still coaching the Cowboys - Crayton's ass would have been on the bench after the first drop; and he would have been cut today, irregardless of the result.

Jacques Reeves for a stupid 15 yard facemasking penalty at the end of the first half when the Giants receiver was obviously trying to get out of bounds - 15 yards and the ball on the 25 yard line instead of the 40. Never mind how badly he was burned all day.

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff for awful clock management that lead to wasting a couple of timeouts in the second half; not to mention their decision making in getting away from running Marion Barber and trying to get the ball to Owens. Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is seen as a hot coaching prospect - yesterday's game proved he isn't quite ready to step up and be in charge.

People are lining up to take shots at Romo for his trip to Mexico with Jessica Simpson - that's a load of garbage, he put the ball in the hands of his receivers...he can't be held responsible for them dropping the ball.

If things weren't bad enough with the NFL - the Maple Leafs lose all three games in California last week and the vultures are lining up to pick at John Ferguson Junior's carcass. While addle-minded cretins like Damien Cox keep joyously proclaiming the season a total wash (though he claims to be indifferent to the Maple Leafs) and spend far too much time talking about who should be fired and calling for the Maple Leafs management to "do the right thing" and trade Mats Sundin for prospects; leave it to Rosie DiManno to take a different angle on the current state of the franchise.

Rosie DiManno is a columnist at The Star, and unlike Donkey Damien Cox, writes a fantastic article about what Mats Sundin must be going through these days. DiManno sticks it to her colleagues and members of Leaf Nation who have been calling for Sundin to be traded in the name of "rebuilding". She talks about how Sundin doesn't want to leave the team he loves playing for, the city he loves playing in, and even the fans who have treated him like crap since day one because he was traded for Wendel Clark. DiManno is dead on when she says that Sundin has given enough to this franchise and this miserable bunch of clowns that runs the franchise that he deserve to call his own shot.

If you are a member of Leaf Nation, and ever doubted for one second that Sundin is a true champ, read Rosie's article in Monday's Toronto Star. I have more respect for Sundin today than I have ever had - he isn't looking for a cheap ring. Sundin isn't going to base his career on whether he gets a ring or not - he'll let his playing define who he was as an NHLer.

As bad as it was this weekend - leave it to a fellow Portuguese dude to provide the lone bright spot. Cristiano scored a hat-trick on Saturday to lead Manchester United to a 6-0 win over Newcastle. By all accounts, Ronaldo was the man of the match, controlling the flow of the game with slashing runs, pinpoint passing, and "a sublime" free kick that went for goal. He's playing like a man on a mission after getting snubbed for FIFA's World Player of the Year - here's hoping he takes it into Euro 2008 this summer.

I should have left well enough alone on Friday and went on my weekend trip without trying to pick games over three days - it was rushed. For any of you who lost cash - sincere apologies for a miserable weekend; the healing starts tonight...with a bit of a twist to follow tomorrow. The total for the year stands at a horrible - $2,750. Tonight's suggestions:

Montreal over NY Islanders - Islanders are playing their first game at home after a long road trip, that usually results in a loss. Lay $100 on the Habs - $150.

Edmonton over LA Kings - Edmonton just has more at every position than the Kings do...it's as simple as that. Lay $100 on the Oilers - $165.

San Jose over Phoenix - see explanation for Habs/Isles; plus, the Sharks usually bring their A game on the road. Lay $100 on the Sharks - $150.

We might check in before game time with another suggestion or two - but that's it for today. Thanks for taking the time to check in.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

I'm Out!


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