Saturday, January 19, 2008

Would you like nuts with that?

Ok, I had to log back on to post this one.

For our American friends - back in the day when political correctness wasn't an issue, Canadians in the central part of the country would often poke fun at our Atlantic cousins in Newfoundland - kind of like those of you in northern states make fun of rednecks and hillbillies down south.

A shocking story from a Dairy Queen franchise in Newfoundland appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Company. It is about some of the hijinks that goes on when students are left to run a business. Pictured is an employee who decided to moon anyone who happened to be passing by the drive thru window - after showing his bare white ass, he didn't bother to wash his hands...wonder if someone ordered a banana split. The story can be found here. The CBC's report can be found at

The funny part of the story is how this story came to light - it seems as though one of these geniuses thought that the shenanigans were the height of comedy and decided to post the videos on facebook. And Atlantic Canadians wonder why the rest of the country like to poke fun at them for being a little less than brilliant.

So the next time you go into the Dairy Queen and the kid behind the counter asks you - "would you like nuts with that?" Be very afraid - the person serving you may just be a transplant from Atlantic Canada.



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