Sunday, November 04, 2007


In the mini Super Bowl today-the New England Patriots came from behind to beat the Indy Colts.
Okay Indy fans all in fucking unison-start your whining now WAH-No Marvin Harrison! WAH-Our Def Secondaries got hurt! WAH-Pats were too rough on our guys! WAH! WAH!
The referees were calling lots more bad penalties on the NE Patriots today.
One of the TV analysts Jim Nantz or Phil Simms said a group that scouts the referee crews said the Pats/Indy crew has called more pass interference calls than any other crew.
Here I thought it was a directive by NFL to slow down the Patriots...
Who the fuck knew.
All the Pats fans that predicted a Pats blowout for the Indy game can now get your egos in check because if you honestly predicted the Pats would blow out Indy like they did vs previous teams-
your Homer pride must've been on steroids.

The Pats are off on bye week this week. No doubt the Patriots will look to sign either
Corey Dillon or Kevan Barlow to join the team to help out Laurence Maroney.
One of those two will replace Sammy Morris who is out for the season.
It was a great win vs a fantastic team.
This game lived up to the hype and then some.


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