Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red Sox Comeback In ALCS? Dane Cook SUCKS!

The Red Sox are now down 3 games to 1 in the ALCS with a day off on Wed and Josh Beckett
dueling C.C. Sabathia in the possible Cleveland clincher on Thurs. at the Jake.
If your counting on another Sox miracle comeback like in 2004-hang it up.
Cleveland looks like the much better team.
If you think Sabathia is going to be tarred and feathered early by the BoSox like he was in game 1-you need to reup your medication.
The Red Sox pitching has gone AWOL and their bats have started their early offseason vacation.
Schilling looks like shit and Dice K has lived up to mediocrity.
Red Sox bullpen looks like it suffers from Eric Gagne diarreah of the pitching hand. Course when starters you count on like Schill,Dicey K and Wakefield can't last past the 5th inning you have problems.

So the Sox have their ace against Cleveland ace on Thurs.
Both teams will throw everything they have to win that night. The Indians want to take the ALCS at the Jake and celebrate with their fans. Then again celebrating on Bostons hallowed turf would be fun for them too.
Sabathia will get Cleveland to the 7th inning where Bettencourt will befuddle Red Sox hitters like he's already done.
Boston DESPERATELY needs to tee off on CC Sabathia early and often.
Indians mgr. Eric Wedge will no doubt tell his bullpen to be ready to rock early.

In my opinion? The Red Sox look tired,defeated. They lack the swagger of the '04 team.
Hard to believe this Red Sox team playing the Indians swept the Angels.

Let the Red Sox offseason rumor mill begin.

Dane Cook is a Boston suburb standup comedian doing those nauseating one October commercials for MLB. He also has a string of really bad movie comedies.
When Jim Carrey decided to quit doing comedy movies-Cook tried to take over for him.
He failed.
Cook should stick to stand up comedy where he shined best. He's trying to cash in on his impish badboy slacker charm and it makes people want to puke.
Cook can't act. His shtick is a wry grin and a bad Carrey exaggerated reaction scene.
Thats the Dane Cook acting repertoire.
I'm from Boston and this kid is down right embarassing.


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