Monday, October 15, 2007

Patriots Are Un Stoppable!

Watching the New England Patriots toy with the undefeated Dallas Cowboys served notice that these guys rule the NFL.
Yes Dallas got in a few punches but like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator,it just made the Pats mad and they enforced their will upon Dallas.
They bitch slapped the Cowboys.
New England simply has too many weapons to crush a team with. When the Patriots defense is better on offense than thier opponents cannot compete.
Bill Belichicks club basically looks at their opponents on the field and the the opposing team is already intimidated.
The defense just rolls over you with multiple schemes and sheer desire to take your offense off the field at will.
Offense? Brady has so many talented recievers at his disposal that his problem is making sure that everyone of the recievers catches a TD pass. He's at the point now that he could throw out the water boys and give them a TD pass.
Bill Belichick is on his way to being the winningest coach in NFL history.
Is it any wonder that after the season-Belichicks assistants are at the top of every teams
preferences to fill their head coach vacancies?
Come on.
This New England Patriots team is un stoppable.


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