Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Red Sox offense showed up in Tampa Bay last night with Josh Beckett winning his MLB leading 20th game. They managed to get to TBay ace Scott Kazmir (the worst move in Mets history was letting Kaz go,this kids electric!) and light up the bullpen for the win.

Toronto and Yanks dueled 14 innings last night with the BJ's outlasting the Bombers thanks to a Greg Zaun homer in the 14th to cool off the hot New Yawkers.

The Red Sox are now 2 1/2 games ahead of the Yankees and their magic number to clinch the AL East division title is now 7.

Todays pitching match ups....
1pm Toronto sends Shawn Marcum to the hill against the Yanks Roger Clemens.

prediction: Take Toronto.. Joba Chamberlain hurled 2 innings last night for NY so he'll be unavailable. A big factor.

7pm: Boston Red Sox will pitch Dicey K Matsuzaka against the Devil Rays Andy Sonnanstine.

prediction: this is the game I expected the Sox to lose because of Dicey's pitching slump.
I'm "hoping" for a win but predicting a close loss for Boston. Have my A1 sauce ready to eat my prediction.

Barry Bonds will not be playing for the Giants next year so get ready American League looks like we'll be seeing the Juice Head pulling DH duties for an AL team.
I'd love the Angels to pick him up or even Texas.
Actually I just wish Barry Bonds would just retire.


Anonymous H. C. said...

I love the Red Sox, but I'm not good with the stats. I've heard the "lucky number" being tossed around. What exactly does it meant?

7:55 PM  
Blogger quikdraw said...

HC-Basically its the number a team
needs to reach to achieve its goal.
In this case with the Red Sox to clinch the AL Eastern Division title. Last night the Detroit Tigers were mathematically eliminated from the Wild Card by the KC Royals.
Any combination of Red Sox wins and Yankee losses reduces the magic number.
Currently the Magic Number is 6.
If the Red Sox win it lowers to 5.
If the Yanks win the number stays at 5-If they lose it goes to 4.
If Boston loses and the Yanks win-the magic number stays at 6-It can never go down.

The earliest the Red Sox can clinch the AL East Division title is Wed. Night against the Oakland A's in Fenway Park.

10:39 AM  

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