Monday, August 27, 2007

Tilt Report - Niagara

Some of this is sports related and some of this is not. I won't go into great detail about the bachelor party, but I can say that the crew and I had a fantastic time in Niagara...regardless of the location we were in. Some thoughts...Hooter's in Niagara is not indicative of all Hooter's...the one in Niagara Falls is well...less then steller. We had a waitress that I nicknamed Skelator (that's right He-Man fans)...nice girl, but she could have done good by eating some of the wings we ordered. Rumours...fantastic bar - and if you're into drunken American girls...this is the place to be (not to mention that I saw the hottest Asian girl ever there - move over Noy!!!) Now for those of you looking for a gentlemen's club in Niagara...I can't say I recommend any. We ended at the Sundowner and with all due respect...this place was the most overrated place I have seen. They overpacked the place (nothing like having guys rub past you in a strip club packed shoulder to shoulder)...the girls were decent, but nothing compared to those found here in Ottawa. Our bachelor had a great time though and couldn't get the smile off his face...even while he was losing money playing poker.

Fallsview was absoletely packed when we arrived at around 2 pm. So we decided to hit the poker room after midnight. Can't recommend to anyone that they should drink heavily before playing, but it seemed to have helped me that night. I sat down with $100 and walked off the tables with $590 (in addition to the $300 in cash I had by selling some of my chips). I have to admit that while I am a tournament player...I really enjoy playing $1-$2 no limit hold'em cash games. My style of play worked well for the table I was seated and after four hours of play, I found myself way up. I took a few bad beats, but on this night I was dishing out more bad beats and taking more money off players then I was giving. I bantered at a few players and realized that I could get under their skin. I had one guy tilting so badly that he had to walk away from the table for an hour (I called him a donkey - then proceeded to take all his chips with 7-2 off).

As usual, one of my crew always manages to play badly (or gets unlucky). On this instance (and if you are a poker player...please don't do this)...a friend was playing in a hand. He raised all in with QQ with 2 players left to call. The first player folded...then proceeded to show his hand to the other remaining player. Talk about poor ediquete and sportsmanship. The remaining player called and proceeded to spike an ace on the river to take $200 from my friend...not a good night. If that was me...and if I was in the state of mind I was in...I probably would have leaned over and throttled the other two players.

Sidebar - for those of you who have not watched these movies, I highly recommend that you take them in. Superbad...McLovin' is the man!!! The Simpson's Movie...hilarious!!!


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