Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Adventures on Full Tilt Poker

Someone once said that poker is a game of patience. Understandably it is. However, I think it sometimes is harder for players to determine how patient they have to be - especially if you're going through a series of bad beats. Recently, I've been getting beaten - not by own stupidity (i.e. calling someone down with nothing but ace high or bottom pair) but by players who are getting extremely lucky.

Last night was a prime example. In my first $5 sit n' go, my top two pair (Ks and Qs) were destroyed on the turn and river, by a player who called with bottom pair (stupidity) and hit a runner runner flush (this by definition is someone I will publically call a DONKEY). The second $5 sit n' go was bo better as a player caught a J high straight vs. my pocket queens (board = J-4-3-8-7). How the idiot called me with T-9 in the first place puzzled me...how he pushed all in with absoletly nothing puzzled me more...and how he won...well just pissed me off. The kicker to the evening was the $24 tournament I entered (guaranteed prize pool of $24,000). Three and a half hours into the game, I look down to see that I have pocket 9s. The blinds are now 500 and 1,000 with antes of 125 going in. There is one raise ahead of me, which I smooth call. The flop comes down 9-6-T, giving me trip 9s. The player ahead me puts in a bet of $5,000. Making the call would leave me with just $4,000 in chips, so I pushed all in. The guy calls me with AK which at the time was destroyed by my set of 9s. Replaying this hand makes my stomach gringe, as I watched the turn come up Q and the river J to give my opponent the straight. Despite wanting the call, I ended up getting screwed by the cards as some hapeless idiot took all my chips. Nothing more frustrating than to lose a hand in the manner described above - but it happens. I would hazard to say that had I been playing against more experienced players, I would not have taken those hits as more experienced players understand that they don't have the equity or the odds to continue playing. Than again, some people are born donkeys.


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Hey. I feel your pain! Been there numerous times. Bad beats are a part of the game, unfortunately. However, the key thing to remember is that over time, if you continue to get your chips in with the best hand, you will be a profitable player. Yes, it hurts when some fish sucks out on your, but again, that's poker. The suck-outs are what keeps the fish coming back for more. After each bad beat go back and evaluate YOUR play to see if there is anything else you could have done to improve the end result. If not, let it go and move on to the next game. As long as you have implemented the appropriate bankroll rules to ride out the downswings, you will be profitable in the end. Hang in there!

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