Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Night Three Play

For those of you checking in for tonight’s suggestions – the afternoon is off to a so-so kind of start, one pick trailing (Milwaukee), one tied (Minnesota) and one off to a good start (San Diego) – so we’ll keep that in mind for tonight’s recommended plays.

Chicago over Washington – the Cubs should rebound from yesterday’s pounding (thanks for nothing Rich Hill – you’ve been benched by the Maeple Leafs). We like Sean Marshall who has pitched well against the Nats over Jason Bergmann who is having a tough luck kind of season. Lay $100 on the Cubs - $140.

Los Angeles over Texas – we haven’t learned our lesson with back Anaheim-based teams…another case of us thinking “they won’t get swept by the Rangers”. We’ll go with former Blue Jays P Kelvim Escobar against Robinson Tejada, knowing full well that Tejada has pitched well against the Angels…they have to win one, don’t they? Lay $100 on the Angels - $170.

New York over Houston – the Mets are in a tailspin, and who better to get them out of it than John Maine who has dominated Houston in two previous starts? The Mets have to break out of it sooner or later, might as well be tonight. Lay $100 on the Mets - $130.

That’s it for this afternoon gang – thanks for checking in. Thanks to Tilt, and his employer’s great policy on internet use. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

I’m Out.


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