Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tilt Report - July 3, 2007

What a weekend in sports...my man Pogue has commented enough on the recent NHL signings and really, I could care less who goes where. What I do care about is who the Toronto Maple Leafs are signing (or not signing). So to start off, let me say that I for one am not happy with JFJ at the current moment. He has yet to alleviate the mistakes on the Toronto blue line (Kubina, Gil and McCabe) and signing Jason Blake really doesn't add that much to the Leafs. So far, the Leafs haven't addressed their blue line woes and given the rapid signing of blue liners around the league, the Leafs likely won't be doing too much to improve this aspect of their team.

On a more interesting front, the Toronto Raptors are trying to open up their inside game by signing three-point shooter Jason Kapono. Kapono should open up space on the inside for Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. I'm trying to wonder if the New Jersey Nets were a bit nuts re-signing Vince Carter after he opted out of his previous contract...I mean what was the point of him opting out???

Is anyone paying attention to Wimbleton this year?

The Toronto Blue Jays experiment with AJ Burnett is starting to look like a failed experiment. Burnett is back on the DL, joining another high priced arm in...man the guys been gone for so long I forget his name already...oh yeah, the closer guy...BJ Ryan. Speaking of baseball, the MLB All Star game is around the corner...and I just want to know how Barry Bonds manages to get a starting spot. I think the same people who ran the polling for American Idol were counting the all star ballots.


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