Friday, May 04, 2007

What a waste...

Sometimes as a taxpayer, I wonder why we have elected officials running this country. These are people who are successful (perhaps) in some areas of life (mostly legal or financial backgrounds) or for the most part are professional politicians who know little else then how to manipulate polls for their liking. That being said, the recent debate in the house commons over Shane Doan's captain status on Canada's World Hockey Championship team (playing in Russia) is absolutely absurd. Did Doan say something disparaging towards French Canadians (that's spelt with an "a" not with an "e") - sure, but what does that have to do with politics? Team Canada officials obviously felt that Doan was the best candidate to fill the captaincy and the fact that a separtist politician has an issue with this doesn't consistute a need to haul Hockey Canada officals to Parliament to explain themselves before a Commons committee. Don't these guys have enough to think about - rather then worrying about such petty things??? I don't recall a hearing when the NHL decide to relocate The Quebec Nordique to what gives???
What a serious waste of tax payers money...if these politicians want to discuss something worthwhile, how about trying to figure out how to have more then 6 Canadian hockey teams in the NHL.

Kudos for Hockey Canada officials and Team Canada players for backing Doan through this fiasco. I hope one day Doan gets a chance to jersey the crap out of Duceppe!!!


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