Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday's Hazies - The Champs & Chumps

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who haven't been here before, The Hazies take a look back at the week that was in the world of sports and single out some of the outstanding performances. The lucky few are awarded a Hazie and have the title of "Hazel's Hero" bestowed upon them - which is better than any recognition they may have gotten elsewhere. While Hazel hasn't officially approved this week's winners, we would like to think that she'd give her trademark smile and thumbs up to our nominees.


Detroit Tigers OF Magglio Ordonez was named the American League Player of the Week - Mags finished the week with a .571 batting average, with two home runs and eleven runs batted in; if that wasn't enough, his slugging percentage for the week was an amazing 1.095.

Philadelphia Phillies 2B Chase Utley and Cincinnati Reds SS Alex Gonzalez were named co-winners of the National League Player of the Week.
  • Utley finished the week hitting .444, with three home runs, ten runs batted in and a slugging percentage of .778.

  • Gonzalez finished the week hitting .520 with three home runs and six runs batted in.
New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez wrapped up a great month of April - the man everyone loves to hate (right Red Sox Nation?) finished the month hitting .355, with fourteen home runs, thirty four runs batted in, a slugging percentage of .882 and an on-base percentage of .415.

Hate him all you want, the guy has been great out of the gate. I only say that because ARod is one of the main reasons yours truly's Maeple Leafs are in first place in the yahoo fantasy baseball pool. I should also say that Ordonez and Utley are also valued members of the Maeple Leafs.

Cincinnati Reds OF Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 564th career home run last week against the Cardinals moving into 10th place on the all-time home run list.

We have had some fun with Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Fausto Carmona - often picking against him in the daily Three Play; but the kid had two pretty good games this week. He started off the week with a win over the Minnesota Twins on Monday and he had a great game yesterday against the Orioles, picking up another win pitching 8.1 innings and giving up one run on six hits and 2 BBs.

Two Boston Red Sox pitchers make the list this week
  • Josh Beckett seems to have his mind on pitching this year, looking like he is going to finally fulfill the promise that kept him on my NL Roto team from the time he broke in with the Marlins. Beckett has started the year 5-0 and is already being talked about for a Cy Young.

  • For those of you who have read the page in the past - you know that Curt Schilling isn't one of our favourite peeps - but I have to applaud him for how he handled the "bloody sock" controversy last week. Schilling came out swinging on his blog, and while many in the media questioned the wisdom of his rant - he gets a Hazie for his $1 Million dollar challenge to anyone who questioned whether that was real blood on the sock. I loved the ending "Any takers?" - classic. I will say this, while I would never dispute that that was his blood (I don't have $1M to wager - if I did, I'd be blogging full time), what's to say Curt didn't dab some blood there? Why didn't that blood run down the sock? Oh relax...before you email me to rip me a new one, I'm just kidding. Good job Curt.

I said it all this morning, but Bill Belichick is a champ. While the media reaction has ranged from skeptical to critical on the trade that made Randy Moss a member of the Patriots - Belichick should be commended for taking action to address one of New England's pressing needs. Belichick's bold move will be what NFL Draft Day 2007 will be remembered for.



The Toronto Blue Jays announced that fifth starter Josh Towers was being pulled from the rotation and sent to the bullpen. Towers is currently 1-2 with an ERA of 4.70, and has given up 27 hits and 4 walks in 23 innings of work - to put it more bluntly, opposing hitters are hitting .290 against him. When the Jays broke spring training and said that Towers had made the rotation - we knew it wouldn't last. But that's not why Josh makes this week's list - he is one of the week's chumps for his reaction to news that he had been demoted. Towers was quoted as saying "I was surprised...I thought I pitched well." The only people that could possibly think he was pitching well was opposing hitters - Towers needs a reality check - and a few days watching game film.

Atlanta Falcons QB Ron Mexico is in the news again - and again for all the wrong reasons. You have probably read the story - if you haven't, read it here. First it was passing on V.D, then it was the water bottle with the compartment in it, now it is his cousin being arrested on drug charges and evidence that dogs on the property were being bred to fight. I don't know how many times I said it last year, obviously the Falcons weren't reading, TRADE RON MEXICO. Too late now, the only team that was possibly dumb enough to trade for Vick drafted a QB number one overall. God help me if Jerry Jones is dumb enough to bite on Vick...god help me.

That's about it for tonight gang - have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

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