Thursday, April 19, 2007

I quit!!!

Last night I decided to review my hand history from my last month of playing online poker. Quickly, I realized that I was losing 90% of the hands where I am a 90% favorite to win (ie. AA vs. 33). In doing some further looking, I realized that in most instances I was losing on the river to lesser hands.

Not that I believe in the online sites being rigged, but its hard to imagine that I would lose that many hands, that I should have won. Miracle river cards seem to pop up all over the place. I can say that I'm unlucky at times, but I can't believe that I'm that unlucky. Over the past month, I have lost AA to many lesser hands - but none more than QQ. Heads up AA is an 82% favorite to win. In a month alone, I have lost a total of 6 times.

Even worse, is that I'm losing with high pocket pairs to straight and flush draws.

So after calculating all of this, and in light of my recent play at live tables - I have come to the conclusion that online poker is no longer for me. I've had enough of donkeys who I can't see calling with medicore hands, or idiots who haven't realized that AK is not as good of a hand as they think (AK is the best DRAWING hand, not the best hand in poker).

So good luck to those of you continuing to play. I will take my earning from Full Tilt Poker and leave.


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