Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The milestone birthday has come and gone, and we are still hating the New Jersey Devils (except for John Madden, he played like he cared on Sunday).

We'll be back later tonight with a breakdown of the 2007 NHL Playoffs - we'll try to be objective when it comes to the Devils/Lightning and SenaTards/Penguins series. In order to bring the 2007 season to a close, we should probably take a look back at what went wrong in Toronto - and who should be held accountable. 40 years and counting for Leaf Nation - if we are going to take a "glass-half full" look at the world, Red Sox Nation had to wait twice as long for their championship; here's hoping the wait isn't as long for us.

The city of Toronto isn't all doom and gloom today though - while Leaf Nation grieves over another lost season, there are some Torontonians that want us to take the Toronto Raptors seriously (meh, basketball); and others who want us to think that this is going to be the season the Blue Jays make it to the post-season. Get a load of these Blue Jays fans, less than a week in and they are pointing to taking two of three from the DRays and beating a Kansas City team that isn't very good, as an indication of things to come.

Get a damn grip on things people - yes, your hitting lineup is in the upper echelon of the major leagues; but take a look at your pitching staff and you'll that the 2007 edition of the Toronto Blue Jays is going to have a pretty tough time competing for a playoff spot. I point you last night's game against Kansas City - the Royals had A.J. Burnett on the ropes early last night, not once but twice; Burnett allowed a very weak KC lineup to load the bases twice last night - he survived the scare...but it was just the Kansas City Royals. If Burnett pitches a game like that against a decent team, he would have been chased by the fourth inning. Burnett was forced to make 100+ pitches in six and two-thirds innings - not the kind of numbers you want to see from a guy who has a history of getting hurt. A few more April starts like last night and Burnett will be on the DL by July. Don't say I didn't tell you so - signing Burnett to a 5 year/$55M deal was a huge mistake; one that the Chickenhawk will live to regret.

New York Mets 1B Carlos Delgado had three hits and two RBI in the Mets 11-5 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

St. Louis Cardinals P Braden Looper pitched seven shutout innings, giving up two hits and three walks to lead the Cards to a 3-0 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Toronto Blue Jays 2B Aaron Hill had three hits and two RBI to kickstart the Jays in their home opener last night against the Royals.


A tough start to the week - with two California teams dropping their home openers; we'll get back on track today, starting out with a game Hazel will undoubtedly be watching in person. We start today off at - $220.

Boston over Seattle - Red Sox home opener, Hazel likely in attendance - need I say more? Sox pound Jeff Weaver to send Red Sox Nation home happy. Lay $100 on the Sox - $185.

Atlanta over Washington - the Nationals are off to a miserable start, and we don't see things changing for a while - especially not against Tim Hudson and the Braves in the ATL. Lay $100 on the Braves - $240.

Los Angeles over Colorado - we are going with Red Sox West again today; we can't see the Dodgers dropping their first two at home. Lay $50 on the Dodgers - $126.

We won't suggest putting down any cash on these two - but the upset picks of the day are:

Kansas City over Toronto - we aren't buying into Josh Towers' act this spring;

Los Angeles Angels over Cleveland - we like the youngster Santana to shut down the Indians while the Angels get just enough off Sabathia to win.

That's it for today gang - have a great one peeps!


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Travel, communication and networking will all lead to advancement. Follow through with your plans and present your ideas. A serious look at exploiting what you do in a new way will work wonders for you. 2 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - wake up song

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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