Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NFL Picks

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

A very special "Hey" goes out to my pal Renee, who checked in earlier tonight to make the call on the song of the night on Hazelspeeps (please have a look after you read this week's picks).

Time to post our picks for Week 16 in the NFL. Things went ok last week in the Straight Up pool - considering that Seattle and New Orleans' collective brain cramp represented a 54 point swing in my final total (Seattle 12, New Orleans 15). So instead of finishing the week at 122 - I finished at 68; but I widened the gap between me and the dude in second place (who had 50 points last week).

16) Indianapolis over HOUSTON - this should be a no-brainer. The Colts won't let this game get away from them as the play to secure a Wild Card round bye. Houston were humiliated against the Pats last week - how are they going to stop Manning?

15) Kansas City over OAKLAND - welcome to Thoughts of Hazel Mae...have you heard of her? Did you know she is a big-time NFL fan? Seriously, the Chiefs are playing for their playoff lives here - expect a huge game from Larry Johnson after taking a back seat last week to L.T. I heard that Herman Williams addressed the Chiefs today - YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME, THAT'S ALL, WIN THE GAME, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

14) DALLAS over Philadelphia - A Dallas win secures the NFC East and gives them a good shot at a Wild Card round bye (see why later). Parcells will have his team ready for this divisional opponent - expect Dallas' offence to pose more of a threat than the Giants did last week...expect the D to reassert themselves against a one-dimensional offence. Look for T.O. to find his way on the field to spit in Garcia's eye.

13) Chicago over DETROIT - have you seen the Lions play lately? You, me, Hazel and a few of her friends from NESN could beat Jon Kitna, Roy Williams and the Lions. Chicago will look to erase doubts about their chances with a convincing win over the hapless Lions. In Week 11, Roy Williams said that the Lions would be spoilers the rest of the way...ah huh.

12) SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona - the 49ers put the game in the hands (and on the legs) of Frank Gore as they look to keep Leinhart, Fitzgerald and Boldin on the sidelines. San Francisco is playing for a chance at a playoff spot - the Cardinals are just playing. THE 49ERS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE - YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND CROWN THEIR ASS IF YOU WANT TO.

11) BUFFALO over Tennessee - the Bills' D has been playing better of late, and Losman is managing them to wins; the Titans needed 3 defensive TDs to beat the Jags last week. Buffalo gets it done on Sunday.

10) ST. LOUIS over Washington - both teams had impressive wins last week, but the difference is that the Skins won't have the motivation of playing against one of the NFL's best in the Saints. Two teams going nowhere, so I'm going with the home team.

09) GREEN BAY over Minnesota - this may be Brett Favre's last primetime game, blah blah blah. Minnesota has benched Brad Johnson for a rookie - that should tell you a lot. Favre goes out on a high note.

08) ATLANTA over Carolina - you know how I feel about Ron Mexico, but I'm hoping he sits the bench this week. Atlanta takes advantage of a soft run defence to keep their playoff hopes alive...albeit on life support.

07) New England over JACKSONVILLE - the Jags are tough at home, the Pats are road warriors. David Garrard proved he can't be trusted - Tom Brady has proven that he can be trusted. The Patriots win this one with ball control and forcing Garrard into mistakes.

06) MIAMI over NY Jets - I'm taking Miami's defence over NY Jets pop-gun offence. Saban will take the game out of Happy Feet Harrington's hands and grind out a win by playing field position game.

05) NY GIANTS over New Orleans - its do or die for the Giants, so they'll probably come up with a big one - I see the Giants giving the Saints a heavy dose of Barber and Jacobs to keep Brees and Bush off the field.

04) PITTSBURGH over Baltimore - the Steelers are on a roll - may be too little, too late. Cowher will have his chumps pumped for a game against the division leading Ravens. Don't forget, McNair is a little banged up.

03) Cincinnati over DENVER - two teams coming off very different performances last week. I'll take Palmer to redeem himself this week in Denver. Too little, too late for our man Hubie and his Jack O' Laterns - but in time to keep the Bengals in the hunt.

02) SEATTLE over San Diego - call it a hunch, or a shot in the dark. Chargers have won eight in a row...they'll drop one before the season is over.

01) Tampa Bay over Cleveland - YUCK. Will anyone be watching this "dawg"?

It's been a tough year against the spread in the pool - my winning percentage is decent, but my weighting of the picks has left a bit to be desired. At least I'm picking winners on the Three Play huh?

16) GREEN BAY - 3.5 over Minnesota - the Vikes are starting rookie Tavaris Jackson at Lambeau - bad idea. The Vikes can't defend against the long ball - not good against an old gun slinger like Favre. Green Bay wins big in Favre's last prime time game. Go in peace Brett...but for God's sakes go!

15) Kansas City -6.5 over OAKLAND - the Rams handed it to the Raiders by running Steven Jackson last are the Raiders going to stop Larry Johnson? Yeah, yeah - Hazel likes the Chiefs too. Can you picture Hazel saying "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME".

14) Chicago - 4.5 over DETROIT - after last week's scare against the Bucs, the Bears will be out to prove that they are legit. It is going to be a long afternoon at Ford Field for Kitna who has no running game to take the heat off of him.

13) Cincinnati +2.5 over DENVER - I don't understand this line; Denver beat the friggin Cardinals last week...the ARIZONA CARDINALS. Palmer was embarrassed on Monday night against a bad Colts defence - he'll make Denver's D look as bad as the Colts D.

12) ST. LOUIS -2.5 over Washington - The Rams are kinda bad - the Redskins are terrible. Washington's good game for the month came last week against the Saints. Two teams with nothing to play for, so I'll take Bulger over Campbell.

11) ATLANTA -5.5 over Carolina - the Panthers can't run the ball, so they'll have to rely on Steve Smith who can expect tight coverage from DeAngelo Hall (who finally got Terrell's goober out of his eye). We can only hope that Ron Mexico sits this one out.

10) Indianapolis -9.5 over HOUSTON - Manning is going to torch the Texans D for 40+, do you really trust Carr to score 30+? 20+? Didn't think so. Don't be intimidated by the number.

09) BUFFALO -4.5 over Tennessee - the Bills are getting enough big plays out of Losman to win this one - their D should be able to shut down Vince Young and a Titans' offence that was pathetic last week.

08) SAN FRANCISCO -4.5 over Arizona - the 49ers are thinking playoffs, the Cardinals are thinking about their next coach. San Fran plays ball control and carries the day on Sunday.

07) New England -2.5 over JACKSONVILLE - the Patriots getting points on the road? Thank you Vegas! Belichick has the Pats in playoff mode, while Jack Del Rio is still trying to get his team thinking about the playoffs. A big game by the Pats puts the NFL on notice. Tom Brady - big game? You know what happens next.

06) DALLAS -6.5 over Philadelphia - the backdoor cover scares me a bit in this one, but I can't go against my Cowboys. The Eagles won't be facing a mistake prone QB this week - plus, I bet on Tina to win the Hazel Mae Football League on yahoo, and she needs a big game from Romo and T.O.

05) MIAMI -2.5 over NY Jets - I'm looking for the Dolphins D to come up big against the Jets. Miami grinds out a win against the Jets in a game that, if it follows the script of past games in the series, should be a wild one.

04) SEATTLE +4.5 over San Diego - like I said before...its a hunch pick. I'm looking for the 12th man to show up at Qwest on Sunday. Hasselbeck needs to get it in gear soon...why not against the Chargers?

03) NY GIANTS -2.5 over New Orleans - this is it for the I think they'll win in spite of Coughlan.

02) PITTSBURGH -3.5 over Baltimore - Everyone I have talked to likes Baltimore in this one...those same people loved Cincinnati to beat the Colts on Monday.

01) Tampa Bay +2.5 over CLEVELAND - did I say YUCK?

Those are the picks for this week gang...good luck in your pools!

So this morning I told you all that there is no way that the Sox will pull out of the agreement with J.D. Drew. I emailed Renee to get her thoughts, since we know she has some good sources. From the desk of Renee this evening:

Prez -
I don't think that the Red Sox will abandon JD Drew altogether but they will at least reduce that huge $70 M salary down due to his poor health. Drew will have incentives to achieve the $70 M but it won't be easy. Drew is damaged goods. He'd be a slight upgrade over Trot Nixon.

Here's something to think about - Mark Loretta.

The Sox were trying to land Marcus Giles who went to SD. Mark Loretta has been holding out hoping to come back to Boston. He's being courted by the Yankees and Reds or Phillies.
The Sox are thinking about re signing Loretta. Don't bet on it happening. Loretta will go to an NL team.


There you have it, trust me on this one. If Renee says the Sox are going to sign him - count on it...she knows. Ok, so it wasn't a ringing endorsement of my opinion - but at least she didn't tell me that I was nuts. Have a great night peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - my pal Renee made the call and it was a great one. As I told the peeps on numerous occasions, as far as I'm concerned - Renee has carte blanche and calls her own shot.

See Renee's last entry.

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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