Saturday, December 16, 2006

Renee Unplugged - Number X

WARNING! ......
Oh Fuck it-enjoy the dirty content!

The interpretor who fucked up Daisuke Matsuzaka's press conference was from his agent Scott Boras's office. The interpretor works as a scout for Scott Boras in Japan securing hot Japanese players. Boras' employee was overwhemed by the media crush and got very nervous which led to the dumb ass interpretations.

Japanese reporters told American journalists and Red Sox execs that the interpretor totally botched Dice's answers portraying Matsuzaka as stupid and ignorant. Red Sox officials may bring back Chang Lee who translated former Sox pitchers Hideo Nomo and BK KIM.

I predicted the Red Sox would not sign SP Daisuke Matsuzaka and they did. I fucked that one up. The Red Sox found away to screw Scott Boras by getting word out to Japan how despertely they wanted to sign Dice. His Japanese friends got word to him. Finally Dice told Boras to make te deal happen with Boston and took less money. The Red Sox beat Boras!

20 Year old Tara Conner winner of the Miss USA pagent is about to be stripped of her title for being a "bad girl" - whats wrong with that?? :)

The busty Miss Kentucky Conner was allegedly caught:

- drinking illegally in NYC bars (drinking age is 21 Tara is 20),

- smuggling guy and girl lovers in her Miss USA bachelorette pad at Trump Plaza,

- snorting cocaine,dancing topless at bars and engaging in open acts of bisexuality.

Except for the cocaine that sounds like me. (I've never done-never will do cocaine)

Conners firing reminds me of 1991 or 1992 when Miss New Hampshire Adrianna Molinari
(now known as Alex Taylor) was stripped of her crown whn it was discovered Molinari was working as a featured nude dancer at the Macs Too Lounge stripclub in Billerica,MA.

Molinari as Alex Taylor went on to be Penthose Pet August 1994 and a famous pornstar. Check her out at I was lucky enough to know Alex before she got famous. She made my pussy wetter than an ocean just looking at her naked on stage and off. Alex was and is one of my favorite girls :P---- !

Tara Conners future? No doubt a layout in Playboy and a career in porn. She's fucking hot!

My heart and prayers go out to the victims in the recent Foxy Lady stripclub shootings in New
Bedford,MA. What a HORRIBLE and SENSELESS tragedy. The slain employees Tory Marandos and Bobby Carreiro were truly a gift to the world - those people and the brave
police officers hit by the gunmans bullets are truly desrving of our admiration for risking their lives to save others.

I wish you both a speedy recovery. To the staff and patrons who witnessed this atrocity
may God find away to erase that memory of that incident and replace it with better things.

Lindsey Lohan the underage drunken D list actress claims she as been attending AA meetings for a month. Apparently she's going to Alcohol Appreciation meetings because she's still being caught drunk at clubs. DOH! What a douche bag.

of course by me predicting this now-he'll be traded here.

The other day my boyfriend Matti and I went to a local mall to get our pictures taken with Santa. Kind of a fun thing we do every year. I put on a wicked short black mini skirt no panties and a low cut red silk button down shirt with no bra.

My big boobs were swaying freely with my nipples always rock hard. So we're one of the first in line and I usually get several to send to family and friends with naughty jokes on them. As the camera person was getting the camera loaded I sat down on Santas lap. He put his hand on my waist but I moved it to my exposed ass and grinded my crotch against his thigh. I whispered in this old guys ear that I was a naughty girl and I wasn't wearing a bra or panties. He looked
down my shirt and saw my tanned breast.

I maneuvered around to "get comfortable"and give dear St. Nick a glimpse of my wet exposed pussy. This fucking guy was losing it!

Positioning for pic #2 this Bad Santa managed to slide his bare hand between my thighs and
quickly-discretely touch my wet pussy.

Pic # 3 I sat right on this guys lap and I could feel his cock stiffening-his breathing quicken and I squirmed on his lap. I was so frigging wet I left a huge wet stain on this guys lap when I stood up. When I cum I ejaculate like a guy. I squirt cum like a super soaker. You could smell my sex on him. His hard on was obvious. Luckily the kids weren't too close. I then called up Matti and Santa asked me if this was my brother. Nope my boyfriend poor Santa's hard on went
limp as if it it ice water. Matti said he could smell pussy juice on Santa big time. We laughed as we finished our pics and Santa took a quick break to get rid of his blue balls!

What an embarrassment to Lionel Richie.

Rumor had it this dumb broad almost squeezed between the jail bars and escaped she's so skinny.

The drinking age in California is 21. So how the fuck do you get these underage celebrities
coming ot of a fucking bar shit faced to the gills? I mean the papparazzi is literally photographing these 19 -20 year olds coming out of the club falling down drunk!

Usually your club would get shut down. Gov.Arnold Shwarzennegger is a damn moron who's as stupid as he talks.

According to WBZ TV Sports Anchor Steve Burton - Bruins rookie Phil Kessel was diagnosed with testicular cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with this young promising NHL rookie. Thank God they found it early . At 18 he's strong enough to beat this and have a full normal life. He'll have a lot of pro athletes who underwent and survived this type of cancer for support. Red Sox 3B Mike Lowell.

Best of luck Phil !


Looks so frigging stupid. If you have one of those on your vehicle right now please take it off. Put a santa clause or a reindeer or an elf tied to the grill.

Better yet put Scott Boras' face on your grill.

This is the one time of year you should stay sober and use your cell phone camera and video to
good use-blackmail.

A co worker will do something regretful and if you capture it in photo or video?
You'll live like a fucking king.

Those pics do have a funny way of getting around. I'm totally serious.

Tip your stocking stuffers!

If you frequent the local gentlemans club on a regular or semi regular basis make sure you tip
all the dancers (unless they've been total cunts to you) and barmaids-waitresses,managers and bouncers that day or night.

Tipping these people goes a long way for you to get special priviliges.

Even if its a dancer you never tip but hasn't been a douche bag to you. It'll mean even more.
Everyone who you tipped will be speaking great things about you tipping them. The dancer who you purposely stiffed will be even more miserable-which is her payback.

To your favorite dancers who you sit with-get dances from and gotten to know better get: a basket of candy/chocolate-Some Santa cookies or a friendly Christmas floral arrangement or a midsize bottle of expensive cologne (she'll wear it).

A gift certificate to Victorias Secret, a hot new restaurant (she's gotta provide a photo she
was there).

For those people who sent me questions to
renee_unplugged AT
Here's your questions-answered.

From Chris L:

Q: Whats you're favorite chocolate?

R: My favorite chocoalate is Godiva-preferably dripped on a big hard cock, perky hard nipples or sweet wet pussy with whipped cream!

Q: Not much of a drinker fell too many times on the floor i guess. so i'll buy you that drink if u wish but i'm dinking kool-ade. okay with you?

Q: Chris I'm not a big drinker either unless the guys really ugly looking. Feel free to order me a sparkling water with a lemon. If you're dog ass ugly and hung with 2" just put the bottle of Jose Cuervo on the bar and I'll mark off the bottle.

Q: What do you do when you want to relax?

A: Great question. Occaisionally I do take a day to myself. I wake up, call one of my sexy girlfriends over to spend the day together. We get naked and slip into my jacuzzi with a tea - scented candles and soft rock music. Me and my girl cuddle with each other and make out very sensually.

We go up to my master bedroom where we take time in caressing-kissing-exploring each other. We use massage oils and make love all day til we fall asleep. Then we're well rested.

Great question!

Q: Do you have a website? If so any chances for a pass so I can visit?

A: My own website is one of the things that I plan to do sometime in 2007. Of course you can get a free pass when it happens!

Q: Is it true strippers have to suck off or fuck the owner/manager to get a job ?

R: NO! Amy that is one of the biggest myth in the business. There are dancers in every strip club (usually the ones hooked on Oxy Contins, cocaine, crack etc.) that work as whores for
management to "take care of" people that do favors to help keep the club open or nullify any problems for the club.

To get a job-you just have to look good naked on stage-smile and be good at hustling drinks or
Champagne Room dances. (You interview/audition on Amateur Night) Thats it.

From Roger:
Q: Does a mans penis size matter to you?

A: YES! You'll hear from women that will tell you that its not what a man has between his legs but how he uses it. Thats a big fucking lie! Let me tell you something. Women love big cocks! My boyfriend Matti has a huge 12 1/2 " dick ! He really fills me up. I've gone to all nude male
strip shows where men danced with hard ons (cock rings kept them hard) and the women
were more fascinated by the well hung men!

From Harry:
Q: Renee do you find NESNs Kathryn Tappyn sexy?

A: She's cute but women in short hair don't do it for me.

Well that going to do it for this week so write me a letter with any questions to the email
address : renee_unplugged AT



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