Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Slow Tuesday

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

Slow night - this morning's two-play isn't looking good, the Avs are taking it on the chin against the Kings tonight.

No news from the NHL GMs meeting - though Bruins' fans are hoping that a trade for Evgeni Nabokov from San Jose is in the works with news that Hannu Toivenen was sent down to the AHL. I'd be shocked if the Sharks traded a goalie this early in the season - but then again, I never thought Joe Thornton would be traded before Christmas...so what do I know?

Ok, time to update the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Pools

Our proud new papa, Commish Drisc returned to his winning ways in the football pool and looks like a lock to win the league this year. Tina, separated herself from second place with a win over my Hazel Mae's Cowboys; and Hubie continues to pick up everybody and anybody who is available. Standings after Week 9.

8-1 Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who took a break from being a dad to talk some smack to the group. We'll let it go this week, given the good news he shared.

5-3 Tina's Team - owned by Tina, the First (and only) Lady of the football pool. Tina continues to walk softly - but kicking ass.

4-4 Ageswimmer - owned by Bushey, who may or may not know that the "add players" function works in the pool.

4-4 Hazel Mae's Cowboys - owned by El Presidente, who was brought back to reality this week after spending a week celebrating a victory over the Commish.

3-6 Jack O'Latern - owned by Hubie, who knows there is an "add player" and "delete player" function on the site.

2-7 Ithaca Commons - owned by Kevin, who just picked up Reggie Bush...a win in the coming weeks is imminent.

The NHL is in full swing and so is our hockey pool - lots of movement in the standings this week and things are bunching up in the middle of the pack. Standings for the week ending November 6th.

52.5 - Weekend Warriors - owned by bakerboy Chris, who has been pretty quiet this week after wading into the board last week.

46.5 - Double DD Bandits - owned by Hubie, who has been relatively quiet on the waiver wire - surprising to say the least.

43.0 - Skating Bobcats - owned by Drisc, who is basking in the glow of the safe arrival of his baby daughter.

43.5 - Hazel's Maeple Leafs - owned by El Presidente who is liking how the Maple Leafs are looking in the new NHL.

37.5 - Hanson Brothers - owned by Sparky, who must have taken the fall/winter season off.

28.5 - Ice Bitches - owned by Renee who may or may not be at the NHL GMs meetings - given that she has been quiet on the wire.

That's it for tonight gang - have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - call it a "mood" tonight

She Talks To Angels - Black Crowes

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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