Thursday, September 28, 2006

Straight Up On The NFL

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

After a great Week 2, my picks in Week 3 were awful - so I'm here to make up for it. Tonight, I'm doing the Straight-Up Pool picks. I should probably shut my pie-hole about liking this week's games - but as my pal Renee would attest to, I never know when to shut up. So here they are - weighted as usual.

14) PHILADELPHIA over Green Bay - I can't see the Eagles and that Chunky Soup lovin' mama's boy McNabb losing to the Packers this week. Yes, Favre is coming off a Hazie weekend - but that was against the awful Lions; the Eagles won't lose on Monday night. This pick is more about how bad I still think Green Bay is, vs any silly thoughts that the Eagles are a contender. I picked the Eagles in the suicide pool.

13) Dallas over TENNESSEE - Forget about the T.O. drama in Dallas this week. The Cowboys are coming off a bye-week and Parcells will have them ready to steamroll the Titans. DeMarcus Ware has a big game on Sunday; I'm predicting at least two sacks for Ware.

12) Indianapolis over NY JETS - The Colts just have too much for the Jets - too much offence, too much special teams, and enough defence to get the job done. Pennington has put up some good numbers - much of it in games when the Jets were out - but he won't be able to keep up with Manning.

11) CAROLINA over New Orleans - The Saints have been the feel good story of the year - I just think they are primed for an emotional letdown. Carolina's hopes for the playoffs go up in smoke if they lose on Sunday...won't happen. By the way, I still hate them.

10) ATLANTA over Arizona - Ron Mexico rebounds after a tough Monday night. Vick and Dunn run at the Cardinals all day on Sunday, and keep Fitzgerald and Boldin off the field. The experts were wrong again - the Cardinals aren't going to be a playoff team.

09) ST. LOUIS over Detroit - I learned my lesson last week - Detroit is just plain bad. St. Louis is playing better than people expected; Detroit is worse than people expected. One last thought, Bulger vs. Kitna...see my point?

08) KANSAS CITY over San Francisco - Damon Huard showed me something against the Broncos - he can manage a game. K.C. pounds Larry Johnson all afternoon, and Huard gets a few big plays from play action. I can't see San Fran winning at Arrowhead with the Chiefs coming off a bye week. Ok, I'm sucking up to Hazel for picking against them two weeks ago.

07) CINCINNATI over New England - I can't leave well enough alone - I try to get back into Hazel's good books by picking the Chiefs; now I'm likely to wind up back in the doghouse for picking the Bengals. Something isn't quite right with New England - they'll get it together by year's end...but there is going to be some short-term pain with that secondary. Forgive me Hazel for I have sinned...

06) CHICAGO over Seattle - Statement game for the Bears; its one thing to beat up on the NFC North, they need to show up against a contender. The injury to Shawn Alexander helps Chicago's cause, they are going to pin their ears back and come after Hasselbeck. Grossman manages Chicago to a win by playing field position.

05) Jacksonville over WASHINGTON - don't be fooled by the Redskins, that was the Texans they played last week. Jacksonville comes off a tough loss to the Colts, and they are going to make Brunnell pay. Washington's playoff aspirations end on Sunday.

04) BALTIMORE over San Diego - I don't think Phillip Rivers has seen anything quite like the Ravens D - McNair has seen it all. This is going to be a field goal game, and I'll take the Ravens at home.

03) Miami over Houston - the more I think about this game, the more I like Houston - but I figure Culpepper has to have ONE big game this season, might as well be against Houston. Miami's defence will be the difference I think, in other words, I'm not trusting Culpepper.

02) BUFFALO over Minnesota - J.P. Losman vs. Brad Johnson...yuck. The Bills defence will be the difference in this one. The Bills won't start the season 0-2 at home will they?

01) OAKLAND over Cleveland - Oakland is bad, no question. But someone tell me how Cleveland is favoured on the road? Oakland is going to win a few games this year...they have to - Moss imposes himself in this one.

There you have it gang. There are a lot of easy ones this week - but I like these picks. I think the only one that would get me in trouble with "you know who" is the Cincinnati pick. Check back tomorrow or Saturday for the Spreads picks. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - these guys have "U2" kind of feeling to them...check them out, its worth the download...their U.S. Release was last week.

Into Your Hideout - Pilot Speed

Peesth Out - Buh Bye!


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