Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time To Step Up

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The Sox and Yankees hit the field this afternoon for game 3 of the five game series at Fenway, and while the season doesn't rest on today's game, today's game means a lot more to Boston than it does to New York. The importance of today's game doesn't really have much to do with yesterday's double-header disaster (from Boston's perspective) - today, Josh Beckett needs to dominate the Yankees and show his teammates that his head is in the game and that he can do for Boston what he had done for Florida in the past. A bad game by Beckett today could signal the beginning of the end for the boys in Boston - if he doesn't get it done today, and Schilling is seen as the only hope, it doesn't bode well for this team's confidence - especially as they hit the road for nine games. Good luck boys...let us hope that Hazel Karma is with you today.

Speaking of stepping up - word today that America's track and field sweetheart Marion Jones tested positive for EPO in June. No official comment from Ms. Jones...but you can almost guess what the excuse is going to be.

And to you - whoever you are reading this page. I went on to the NESN site yesterday and watched the video of Hazel and the NESN gang visiting the Dana Farber institute. To see how Hazel handled herself around those kids - that's what makes her a super cool chick and a damn good person. Hey, if you are reading this page because you are a fan of Hazel...why not throw a few bucks over to the Jimmy Fund...I have challenged anyone on the yahoo site to - hell, some of us are in Canada and we are donating. Just tell them Hazelspeeps sent ya - be interesting to see how much $ the readers here and the gang at yahoo could combine to donate. To anyone reading this - donate 20 bucks to the Jimmy Fund, and I will personally burn and mail you a copy of Hazelspeeps Greatest Hits...if you are interested.

Have a great one gang...later peeps.

You are up for a good time and should make plans to socialize, network or entertain. You will be able to help a younger member in your family. Don't overreact to someone who is overindulgent. 2 stars

Song of the day on Hazelspeeps - the last in a series of August birthday parties for friends and family last night

I Got Loaded - Los Lobos.

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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