Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday's Notables

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who haven't been here before, Monday night entries take a look back at the week or so that was in the world of sports, highlighting some of the more notable performances. To those who have risen above the rest, we award them with an honourary "Hazie" - the lucky few have the title of "Hazel's Hero" bestowed upon them. On the flip side, there are the special few who make news for the wrong reasons - they get tagged with the "not so heroic" label. While Hazel hasn't officially approved this week's winners and "runners up", we'd like to think she would give her trademark smile and thumbs up.


If there is one thing everyone knows about Hazel - she is a rabid NFL fan; and I'm sure that in her days as a Kansas City Chiefs fan she must have gotten sick and tired of watching Junior Seau tear all over Kaufman Stadium chasing down everyone from Christian Okoye to Priest Holmes.

Junior Seau retired from the NFL on Monday, saying that while he still felt that he could play - he didn't think anyone "needed" him. In his 16 year career, Seau made 12 trips to the Pro-Bowl and was one of the dominant players at the LB position. Fast, tough, intense and a competitor through and through - the NFL lost a great one today. His last three years in Miami weren't very memorable - San Diego fans will never forget the Junior fist pump. The only sad thing about Junior's retirement is that the Chargers couldn't clear a roster spot for him to retire as a Charger - bad decision, bad karma for San was the least they could have done.

No surprise this week - Texas Rangers' utility man Mark DeRosa was named the American League Player of the Week. DeRosa had two 6 RBI games this past week; he hit .433, with 4 HRs, 15 RBI, and had a slugging percentage of .900.

Cincinnati Reds 3B Edwin Encarnacion was named the National League Player of the Week. Encarnacion hit .440, with 4 HRs, 8 RBI, with an OBP of .533 and a .960 slugging percentage.

One last time to mention a few outstanding performances from the past week - they have all been mentioned before, but they all deserve mention on a Monday night.

Mark Texiera saw his consecutive game streak of reaching base safely end at 36 - again I say, not bad for a Portuguese kid huh?

Manny Ramirez saw his hitting streak end at 27 games - pretty damn good for a power hitter.

Greg Maddux, who was thought by many to be washed up, has been lights out for the Los Angeles Dodgers since being traded from the Cubs. Maddux has pitched three very good games - the latest being shutting out the Giants over 8 innings on 68 pitches; after giving up two first inning hits, Maddux went on to retire 21 straight.


New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez says he has been battling injuries this year - injuries that would have landed him on the DL in past years. After sharing this little tidbit, ARod went on to say that he wasn't going to use the injuries as an excuse. So you tell everyone that you are hurt, but you aren't going to use injuries as an excuse for a bad year. Then why not just say "I'm not playing well."

For those of you keeping track - big news in the Hazelspeeps Fantasy Baseball Pool. After announcing her withdrawal from the pool, it seems that Renee has had a change of heart and has slipped back undercover to make a few moves over the weekend. I will hold firm on my commitment, I will not completely abandon my team, but I will NOT be making any more moves this year. No real change - standings for the week ending August 13th.

82.5 - The Bronx Zoo - owned by Sparky. How found time to finally join the yahoo tell us about his strategy to win this year - but not to gloat about being in first place.

68.5 - Shuggysux - owned by Pogue (the other Pogue) who is still hanging on 2 moves this year - and still the leading candidate for league MVP.

63.5 - Hazel Mae's Hackers - owned by El Presidente (me) who is still in the doghouse, but slowly moving up the standings.

59.5 - Naughty Girls - owned by Renee who is quietly working the waiver wire to jump over her arch enemy...guess who?

58.5 - Tom Sawyer - owned by Hubie who should be thinking about an English Premier League pool on the yahoo site.

56.5 - Tina's Team - owned by Tina who has been pretty quiet.

49.5 - GB Steam Boys - owned by George who finally checked in after a few weeks away...our boy George is studying hard.

43.5 - Fighting Bobcats - owned by Commish Drisc who was recently referred to as part of the Junta on the yahoo site after I called him Vice El Presidente.

42.5 - Banana Peels - owned by the Golden Banana who is trying to trade his entire roster.

25.5 - Leprachauns - owned by Irish who still claims to be happy with his team.

That's about it for tonight. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the night on Hazelspeeps - just because its on right has absolutely nothing to do with the hopes and aspirations of some of the pool members - going to some retro House music from the 80's.

Just An Illusion - Imagination

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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