Monday, June 05, 2006

Rally in Raleigh

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

For those of you who checked in to see who was up for a Hazie this week - sorry, I was glued to the tube watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals - what a wild game. The Oilers built a 3-0 lead tonight (including a penalty shot goal by Chris Pronger) only to see the Hurricanes come all the way back to take a 4-3 lead with three 3rd period goals. Edmonton tied it up late in the period only to have their hearts broken by Rod Brind'Amour who took advantage of a Ty Conklin brain cramp. Edmonton almost tied it up in the last 10 seconds - three chances to score and they couldn't beat Ward.

You can bet that Conklin will be one of the "Not-So-Heroic" members of tomorrow's Hazies.

This just in - Craig MacTavish announced that Dwayne Roloson is out for the playoffs after being injured tonight. Might as well give Carolina the Cup...I'm sure the great state of Carolina will cherish the Stanley Cup...ya right.

I had to log on though to post the standings in the yahoo Hazelspeeps Fantasy Baseball Pool. Our man Hubie, who after being razzed by Renee, has taken on the name Waiver Man has ascended to 1st place in the pool - displacing Sparky, who is the proud owner of the all DL team.

In other league developments - Hazel Mae's Hackers are sure to feel the loss of Cards 1B Albert Pujols, who could be sidelined for up to six weeks. Don't worry Hazel, we picked up Canadian Justin Morneau to fill the void - but we are hoping for Albert's speedy return.

Standing for the week ending Sunday June 3rd

74.5 - Waiver Man (owned by our man Hubie - who doesn't want to be called Shirley)
71.5 - The Bronx Zoo (owned by Sparky - who was last seen calling team doctors for updates)
65.5 - Tina's Team (owned by Tina - who is proving to be a great rookie GM)
63.5 - Shuggysux (owned by Shuggy - who has been strangely quiet this year)
56.0 - Hazel Mae's Hackers (owned by me - who is lighting candles for Pujols' speedy return)
50.5 - Naughty Girls (owned by Renee - who was last seen punching her laptop in California after seeing that Hubie was in 1st)
46.0 - Banana Peels (owned by the Golden Banana - last seen modelling for Dairy Queen)
42.5 - Fighting Bobcats (owned by Commish Drisc - last seen on a lacrosse field-not Duke's!)
42.0 - GB Steam Boys (owned by George - last seen Memorial Day at Fenway watching PawSox)
38.0 - Leprachauns ( owned by Irish - last seen protecting his pot of gold and lucky charms)

There you have it - after 89 moves, the Waiver Man (aka Hubie) is in first place. But you have to know that Renee would have to wade in on Hubie's recent success

"Just out of respect and fairness to the Zoo....
It did help that the leader of the league Bronx Zoo was without its big offensive weapons Jim
Thome-ARod-Carlos Beltran-Derek Jeter-Mike Lowell due to injuries for the weekend. BUT even when everyone was healthy its been pretty much WaiverBoy-Tina's Team and Shuggy Sux battling the Zoo for 1st.

Hubie's been in 1st for a couple cups of coffee recently so I think the Zoo and him make great rivals."

Leave it up to Renee to keep Hubie in check - while not acknowledging that Hazel's Mae's Hackers are still ahead of the Naughty Girls.

That's about it for tonight - back tomorrow with the Hazies...featuring Pirates 2B Jose Castillo (a proud member of Hazel Mae's Heroes - NL only roto league) who was named National League Player of the Week, and Canadian Jason Bay who was named National League Player of the Month. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - and that you had a chance to watch some of that game tonight...given that Beckett and the Sox were taking it on the chin tonight.

Song of the Night on Hazelspeeps - for the Carolina Hurricanes and their fans

Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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