Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Late Start To The Day

Hey Peeps (those of you still left after the spam attack), and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

A quick post this morning - news of the day (last night) Seattle Seahawks RT Seal Locklear was being held without bail pending investigation of a domestic violence assault against his girlfriend...way to go Sean, on the week of the NFC Final - brilliant.

You may have to prove yourself today. Don't take chances or assume anyone knows who you are or what you can do. Money can be made and a good position obtained but not without your undivided attention. 3 stars

Looks like a day of opportunity for Hazel

Well, I'm outta here - Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - woke up to it this morning

Bobcaygeon - Tragically Hip

Peesth Out!


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