Friday, December 23, 2005

NHL Friday - NFL Saturday

Hey Peeps, and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Ms. Hazel Mae.

Good day today - we were sent on our way today at noon - which allowed us to make it a pub afternoon...Guinness and Kilkenny were on tap this afternoon! I hope your boss let you go early today too. In Hazel's case...let's hope NESN gave her today off so she could fly home to see her family for Christmas. I gotta think she was at the ACC tonight as the Leafs beat the Bruins by a score of 2 - 1. "Hazel Karma" had to have been working at the hanger tonight with the Leafs scoring two 5 on 3 power play goals. A Leafs' win is a nice way to go into Christmas - and I am certain that Hazel would agree with that!

Ok, so here are my NFL picks for the week - I am still winless this season in the Spreads Pool...that changes this weekend. While Hazel has not provided her picks or input, I'd like to think she'd give the thumbs up for this week's choices (home team in caps).

16) New England -5.5 over N.Y. JETS - Brady vs. December. Need I say more? Ok, how about - the Patriots are gearing up for the playoffs. The Pats shut down a pretty good Bucs running game - what are the Jets going to do without Curtis Martin? Flutie starts the 4th quarter to mop up - Pats by 20.

Straight Up Pool - Pats (13)

15) BALTIMORE -2.5 over Minnesota - I know, I know what I always say "Monday Night Winners are next Sunday's losers"; but last week against the Steelers, the Vikings showed how ineffective they are against a good D - ummm...Baltimore with Ray Lewis and Ed Baltimore. Ravens by 8

Straight Up Pool - Baltimore (4)

14) HOUSTON +6.5 over Jacksonville - Forget the weather last week in Jacksonville - they just can't score. Houston wearing their "battle red" about the fact that they are 7-7 vs. spread...did I mention Jacksonville can't score? Dominick Davis doesn't want to hear talk of Reggie Bush. Jacksonville by 4

Straight Up Pool - Jacksonville (9)

13) TAMPA BAY -3.5 over Atlanta - John "Chuckie" Gruden whips the Bucs into shape after last week's beating at the hands of Brady and the Pats. The Bucs have a history of limiting Ron Mexico's scrambling...and they can contain Dunn and Duckett. Joey "Muscle Man" Galloway makes a big play to lead the Bucs to a win. Bucs by 6

Straight Up Pool - Tampa Bay (7)

12) ST. LOUIS -9.5 over San Francisco - Stephen Jackson hasn't had a good game for Hazel Mae's Cowboys in a while. I will put my faith in "The Greatest Show on Turf" over a rookie QB with a Quarterback rating of 26.5. Rams by 13

Straight Up Pool - St. Louis (11)

11) SEATTLE -7.5 over Indianapolis - Holmgren is playing his starters as long as it takes to win the game. Seahawks D has 46 sacks - did you see what San Diego did to Manning? Oh yeah, Marvin Harrison is out too. I said earlier this week, the Colts are going to come apart at the seams...the beginning of the end. Colts look to leave Seattle unscathed. Seahawks by 10

Straight Up Pool - Seattle (10)

10) Pittsburgh -7.5 over CLEVELAND - The Steelers have their eyes on the playoffs (albeit with visors on when Cowher yells)...they beat the Browns without Hines Ward the first time around. The Browns have their eyes on Kellen Winslow Jr. Browns playing out the string - Steelers playing for Cowher. Steelers by 10.

Straight Up Pool - Pittsburgh (11)

09) Chicago -6.5 over GREEN BAY - The Pack scored 3 points against a very good Baltimore D, will they score any against Chicago? Without Gado? I know what I have said before "Monday Night losers are next Sunday's winners" - not here though. Divisional rivalry scares me a bit though...just a bit. Grossman manages the Bears to a win. Bears by 9

Straight Up Pool - Chicago (12)

08) KANSAS CITY -1.5 over San Diego - Chiefs are unbelievable at home in December. Green has pretty much been the best QB in the league over the last six weeks. Have you seen Larry Johnson lately? San Diego might have blown their load against the Colts last week and L.T. may be a bit banged up. Ok, how about this "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" ... Hazel is a Chiefs fan...yes, sucking up to Hazel - so what's your point? Kansas City by 3

Straight Up Pool - Kansas City (5)

07) DENVER -13.5 over Oakland - I hate having to count on Jake "Porn Star Moustache" Plummer to cover 13.5 points...but the Raiders are a mess, and Denver's D is good for a TD tomorrow. Broncos by 17

Straight up Pool - Denver (15)

06) MIAMI -6.5 over Tennessee - I'll take the Dolphins D and a solid running game over the Titans. Miami plays a field position kind of game against the Titans. Olindo Mare kicks 3 field goals. Miami by 9

Straight Up Pool - Miami (8)

05) Dallas +5.5 over CAROLINA - after last week's performance (or lack thereof) against the Redskins...Parcells has to have them ready. Keyshawn has a big game tomorrow, and Dallas D finally comes up with a big effort against the Panthers. Hey, it's Christmas...give me a break! Dallas by 4

Straight Up Pool - Dallas (3)

04) N.Y. Giants +2.5 over WASHINGTON - The Redskins aren't that good, and the Giants will use Barber to set up a few shots down the field to Burress. The Giants D keeps them in the game. Giants by 3

Straight Up Pool - Giants (4)

03) ARIZONA -1.5 over Philadelphia - I'll take Boldin and Fitzgerald to make a few plays vs. the Eagles. Arizona has a history of playing well when it means nothing. This one means nothing. Cardinals by 4

Straight Up Pool - Arizona (2)

02) Buffalo +13.5 over CINCINNATI - I think Holcomb can keep it somewhat maybe? I'm taking a chance with this one...late TD brings Bills cover. Cincinnati by 13

Straight Up Pool - Cincinnati (16)

01) Detroit +3.5 over NEW ORLEANS - if you are in New England or southern Ontario (Hazel still has lots of supporters in T.O region) - consider yourself don't have to watch this dog. Some of us are going to be stuck with this game. The emergence of the other Roy Williams. By the way...YUCK! Detroit by 6

Straight Up Pool - Detroit (1)

There you have Guinness/Kilkenny inspired picks. I'll put my trust in the logic and analytical strengths brought on by Irish beer over a Magic 8 Ball. I'm liking these picks...but then again, I was really liking Guinness and Kilkenny today too! I think Hazel would like these picks...she's give the thumbs-up this week...wouldn't she?

I'm going to turn around and watch the Canucks and Flames now. Enjoy your NFL Saturday peeps...Hazel I hope things are groovy in your world - especially if you are with your real "peeps" in Toronto (enjoy your family time).

On the second day of Christmas I wish Hazel would give to me - 2 "Hazel-approved" pics for the yahoo site... hey, give me a break, its Christmas!

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - it was Guinness and Kilkenny...but it brought on the same result...

Red Red Wine - UB40 (if you are a child of the 80's...I know you are singing it).

Peesth Out!


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