Thursday, June 07, 2012

One More Sleep

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in...a very special Euro 2012 Ola! goes out to Hazel Mae.

Well, we're back, looking for a little bit of Hazel Karma as Portugal gets ready to start the quest for the European Championship.  We haven't gotten Hazel to declare yet...but we're hoping that she'll be checking in on the tournament and pulling for the good guys in red and green.

Our boys are once again drawn into the Group of Death - nothing new there for us, be it the World Cup or the Euro...we get drawn into the Group of Death, and the pundits always pick us for third.  As we do at every tournament...our boys will go out and just take care of business.  We start with Germany on Saturday, followed by Denmark next Wednesday, and the dirty Dutch next Sunday.

The Germans are everyone's pick to take it all...the Dutch go in with some backing them.  That's alright, that's cool, we're used to it.  Cristiano Ronaldo will have his breakout tournament - it's coming gang.

More posts to come over the next month - tomorrow's yawners have Greece opening up against host Poland, look for a 0-0 tie, followed by the Russians and the Czechs, 2-1 Russia.  The tournament's tastiest match ups start on Saturday.

Leaving you with these

Forca Portugal

Hazel, we've got a jersey waiting for you - your choice, from 2000 version right up to 2012

red, white, black, maroon, green (practice jersey).

I'm Out!


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