Saturday, June 09, 2012

Vamos Bailar

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking always, a very special Ola goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Well, the Euro got off to an interesting start yesterday, with some very questionable officiating in the game between Poland and Greece.   But things went as expected, and as predicted here, with Poland and Greece tying, and Russia beating the Czechs.

The big boy group gets started today - with the Dirty Dutch taking on the Danes in the battle of the whiteys, while our boys take on Germany.  I was going to predict a Dane win today, as I think the Dutch are counterfeit - they are the choice of most so called experts, but they are very very bad in defense.  However, my prediction is out the window now as the Danes just scored.  Oh well, who cares.

Prediction for the afternoon's game - Portugal 2 - 1 Germany.  That's right, I'm calling it right here and now.  We owe the Germans some payback for 2008.  The Germans are already talking garbage about being physical with Cristiano Ronaldo to "take away his love for the game" - we'll see.  This time around, Michael Ballack isn't there to shove defenders in the back to get his head on the ball.  Portugal takes this down today, with inspired play from their wingers (Ronaldo and Nani), staunch play from their central defense (Pepe and Bruno Alves) and maybe...just maybe, I little bit of Hazel Karma.

This one goes back to 2008 - but it still applies today.  VAMOS BAILAR!!!!!!!!!!

Forca Portugal!!!!!

I'm Out!


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