Friday, April 18, 2008

SenaTards post-season presser today

SenaTards brass (from left to right) VP of Hockey Operations Roy Mlakar, Coach Bryan Murray and owner Eugene Melnyk will address the Ottawa media and Tards faithful today at noon to explain why the team the guaranteed "would compete" for the Cup fell apart to the point of being swept by the Penguins. The Tards faithful haven't yet demanded a public apology from the team...maybe they are finally starting to see that their boys aren't that good. Team1200 DOT com at'll be worth it.

Good (SHOCKING) win for the Bruins last night over the Habs - Bruins fans should be calling for Hazel Karma at the Banknorth for Game 6. No need to recap the game last night - if you are reading this page you probably watched it. The Bruins took the game to the Habs last night - Carey Price, for the first time in the series, made a crucial mistake, but to dwell on that would be taking credit away from the Bruins. Good win for Boston...

Hockey God's Ducks fell again to the Dallas Stars - could an early exit by the Ducks hasten his departure to Toronto? While Leaf Nation would prefer to see Burke come to Toronto fresh off a consecutive Cups wins...we aren't picky, we'll welcome Burke with one Stanley Cup ring.

Haven't talked much about baseball yet - but seriously, Blue Jays fans, do you really think THIS is a team that can contend? There was a buzz in the air when the Blue Jays swept the Red Sox a couple of weekends ago - oh, THIS was a team that could compete. Since then, they have been slapped around by the likes of the Oakland A's and now the Texas Rangers - for all the offense this team is SUPPOSED to have, they make decent to good pitchers look like Cy FREAKIN Young - last night it was Vincente Padilla's turn to look like a Hall of Famer. What a joke these clowns are.

Just wondering - how stupid is Mike Mussina? Last week Manny Ramirez took him deep and hit a solid double off of him to lead the Sox to a win over the Yankees at Fenway - last night, Mussina decides to pitch to Ramirez again...two home runs; sweet.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Back later (through the good graces of Tilt's work access) with the Three Play.

Hazel, here's hoping things are groovy in your world.

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