Monday, April 07, 2008

New beginning? Or beginning of the end?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A very special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in today.

The NHL Playoffs are set to start Wednesday night on four fronts – while the participants had been decided, seedings were still up in the air going into yesterday’s games; and if you are a fan of the Bruins or SenaTards, you have every right to be upset with the Pittsburgh Penguins who tanked it against the Flyers, opting to finish second in the Eastern Conference and match up against the Tards on Wednesday. The Penguins decision to mail it in means the Bruins get the worst possible first round opponent - the Montreal Canadiens.

The Bruins don’t have much to pin their hopes on – other than tired clichés: “what happened during the regular season means nothing” / “the playoffs are a new beginning” / “if we stick to our game, we can give ourselves a chance to win.” While it may be the beginning of a new season, it hasn’t changed the fact that the Bruins, as defensively responsible as they are, are grossly overmatched in terms of goaltending and overall team speed. If regular season officiating carries over to the playoffs – where touching a guy with one hand constitutes anything from interference to holding – the Bruins will be done in four (maybe, maybe, maybe five games).

The Tards faithful is still looking for their band of jokers to flick the mythical switch as they play the Penguins. The “Sens Army” seems completely oblivious to the fact that their team was amongst the worst in the second half of the season, and were it not for a blistering start would be on the outside looking in. The false sense of confidence is almost laughable – pointing to how they match up well against Crosby, Malkin and Associates. No point in getting into the particulars today – playoff predictions to come tomorrow and Wednesday – two words for Tards’ fans: GARY ROBERTS.

Things aren’t much better for hockey fans in Western Canada – the Avs win over the Minnesota Wild means that they jump over the Flames and face the Wild in the opening round; while the Flames get a first round date with the San Jose Sharks, who are playing better than anyone right now. The Flames had to be feeling good about their chances against the Wild, a team they have owned this year – instead, they get (arguably) the favourite to win the Cup. Bad match up for both teams, the Flames have little, if any shot of winning; while the Sharks are likely to come out of the first round battered and bruised, before another physical series with Minnesota or Anaheim being the likely opponents.

The Ducks will send Brian Burke off to Toronto in fine fashion – with a Stanley Cup win.

Just wondering:

Did the Tigers just kiss their chance at winning the American League Pennant goodbye? While six games do not a season make – getting swept by the White Sox and especially the Royals starts them off in a hole that will be tough to get out of – especially with their ace losing his first two starts. The Tigers still remain the odds on favourite to win the AL Central – but if they wind up a game or two – or four – behind Boston for the best record in the AL, they’ll look back at last week as the turning point.

Back later this afternoon with the Monday Three Play suggestions – tough week last week.

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Hazel, here’s hoping things are groovy in your world – enjoy your special day.

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