Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vegas Report

After being home for two days from Las Vegas, I think I've recovered enough to write this entry. For the record, I would advise against going down to Las Vegas to play poker AND conduct a bachelor party. While one can't avoid gambling in Vegas, it is very adviseable to refrain from playing poker and drinking heavily. I watched many people walk into the poker room at 2 am and simply lose $200 to $500 in a matter of minutes because they are too drink to play (also a bit of personal experience - but I can't recall that - damn Gin!!!) In any case, for those of you planning on going down to Las Vegas here are some recommendations for poker rooms:

Cesear's Palace: The poker room is located right beside the Sportbook and Pure Nightclub. If you play in the evenings, you'll walk past some of the most beautiful women you've seen. The poker room itself is excellent. Large and spacious, the bonus is that you are isolated from the rest of the casino, making it a very good place to concentrate on your game. The attendents are friendly, but the cocktail waitresses are not as beautiful as those you'll see at the Venetian or Wynn. The type of play is average at best. You'll find one or two regulars at your table, but there are also many people who are willing to simply play cards. Be tight and aggressive and you should be profitable.

Wynn: Excellent poker room with absolutely gorgeous cocktail waitresses. The Wynn is the newest poker room on the strip and takes the concept to a whole new level. The cocktail waitresses are centrefold material and the play is ok. Didn't play here all that much, simply because I kept getting distracted. Play is average at best.

Excalibre: Probably the place where I made the most for the amount of time I spent at the table. In an hour, I ate up the table I was at pretty easily going from a buy in of $100 to $300. Many calling stations and action junkies. Poker room is dull and needs to be updated. Overall Excalibre was tacky and I would never play there again - even if I was making money.

MGM Grand: Has a nice poker room. Their tournament structure sucks (if you want to play tournaments, go to Cesear's). The room is nice with lots of things to view as your playing. Dealers here could use some work - I had one guy make 3 mistakes in 15 minutes. The table I was at at the MGM was pretty tight with a mix of tourists and regulars. Another good place to make a profit - especially after dinner hours.

Venetian: Probably my favorite poker room from this trip. The Venetian has incredible looking cocktail waitresses (who serve red bull) and the staff in the poker room are fantastic. Regulars in this poker room include many celebrities. The game is fairly loose, but the post-flop play is fantastic (be very weary of the commentary).

The Palace: Don't even bother playing poker here.

Binions: I really wanted to visit and play here, but when I got down to Freemont St. I was completely disappointed. The place is old and worn out. Definately needs to be updated.

FYI - for those of you into the "ladies" Speariment Rhino is the place to be!!! Highly recommended.


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