Thursday, December 27, 2007

Donkey of the Year...

And here I thought I was going to award the Donkey of the Year award to someone like A-Rod (for simply being an all around dick) but then Rocket Roger comes through. Suffice to say, I have all the respect in the world for Clemens for what he has accomplished in baseball. HGH, steroids or not, the man has had an exceptional career in MLB and while some would discount his "records", I would argue taht Clemens was just doing what was being done throughout the league at the time. The same holds true for Bonds. Should be be criticized? Sure - why not. Should his records be debated...obviously. Like all great athletes there will be arguements about who was the greatest. Rather then simply acknowledging that he may have made a "mistake" Clemens and his legal team have hired their own team of investigators to clear his name. WTF!!! Just admit it, be done with it, take your entry in to the Hall of Fame with some degree of dignity.

Just for being that stupid, Clemens deserves the Donkey of the Year award.


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