Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to one and all

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A very special "Christmas Eve Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

So much to write about Week 16 in the NFL - and very little of it good; plus, its Christmas Eve, a time to spend with friends and family and be thankful for everything we have in life.

So our Christmas present to those of you checking in for the Three Play is the Monday Night Lock of the season. Our total for the week is - $100 (more or less) - so we are going to suggest one play to leave you with a little extra in your pockets.

San Diego - 9 over Denver - go big baby, this is going to be ugly. Lay $200 on the Chargers.

That's it for today gang - enjoy your time with your family and friends and be thankful for everything you have. The mere fact that you can check in here means you have a lot more than many others around you.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - our heartfelt best wishes for a very safe and happy holiday to you, your family and friends - all the best to you.

We're Out!


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