Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Freakin' Christmas

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Well, Santa showed up yesterday with a kick to the snuts - a blown transmission means a Merry freakin' Christmas here. Bah humbug. All we want for Christmas is a new transmission and a 15-1 in the NFL. We started out on the wrong foot picking the Rams and the points against the Steelers - so we're shooting for a 15-1 week.

16) SAN DIEGO - 8.5 over Denver - We're over our hatred of the Chargers for bouncing us out of a suicide pool when they lost to the Chiefs. Two teams going in opposite directions - the Broncos are dead in the water and playing out the string, the Chargers are playing their best football of the season. No brainer, give up the points.

15) SEATTLE - 9.5 over Baltimore - things can't get worse for the Ravens; well, actually they can, but nothing can be more embarrassing than losing to the Dolphins. For the record, we think the Seahawks are counterfeit - losing to the Panthers solidified that in our minds - but they're playing at home, which should make this a laugher over the Ravens.

14) Tampa Bay - 6.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - the Bucs are playing for positioning, while the 49ers aren't playing for much other than auditioning next year's backup. Bucs should win this one going away.

13) TENNESSEE - 8.5 over NY Jets
- the Jets just want to get the season over with, the Titans still think they have something to play for - Titans get it done tomorrow in a big way.

12) ARIZONA - 10.5 over Atlanta
- We're looking for the Cards to have a big day on the offensive side of the ball against the Falcons. Not much else to say in this one.

11) JACKSONVILLE - 12.5 over Oakland
- Fred Taylor is running with an attitude, he'll be even more angry after being snubbed for the Pro Bowl again. Jacksonville won't let up against the Raiders.

10) DETROIT - 4.5 over Kansas City
- Herm Edwards has given up on the season, so why shouldn't his team? The Lions, looking to salvage a bit of pride, should lay a beating on the Chiefs as an eight win season is now the goal.

09) Green Bay - 7.5 over CHICAGO - the Bears are dead, they force four turnovers against the Vikings and still lose. The Packers won't turn the ball over four times (Favre is good for two though). Packers should win this one easily.

08) Washington + 6.5 over MINNESOTA - Monday night hangover for the Vikings. The Redskins D is good enough to keep Minnesota's rushing game in check and force Tarvaris Jackson to throw - not good for the Vikings. Washington generates enough offence to keep this close (we actually think they'll win outright).

07) Dallas - 10.5 over CAROLINA
- the Panthers are going to find out that in terms of division leaders - there is a huge difference between the road wimp Seahawks and the Cowboys. Cowboys will run the ball down the Panthers throat and go deep off the play action. Romo ends his mini-slump with a huge night against the Panthers. Jessica Simpson won't be there tonight.

06) NEW ENGLAND - 21.5 over Miami - do we have to explain?

05) CINCINNATI + 2.5 over Cleveland - this will be Cincinnati's Super Bowl. We think the Bengals will rebound from losing to the 49ers and win this one outright.

04) ST. LOUIS + 7.5 over Pittsburgh
- what were we thinking?

03) BUFFALO + 2.5 NY Giants
- the Giants aren't good enough to be giving up points on the road, especially against the Bills who have cover guys in their secondary. Eli Manning has another forgettable game.

02) Houston + 7.5 over Indianapolis - Colts don't have much to play for; they'll win tonight, but it won't be by a big number. Backdoor cover a real possibility in this one.

01) Philadelphia + 3.5 over NEW ORLEANS - everything in this game points to a Saints win, but the Eagles are playing well on D and should pose some problems for Drew Brees.

We had a tough night on Thursday - so the total for the week is + $30. We found out this week that hockey players are human beings too - they have the same stress at holiday time as we do (yeah, the malls are killers on these guys) - and playing at home so close to Christmas impacts their focus. With that in mind, we're going with the road warriors tonight.

Dallas - 10.5 over Carolina - see above. Dallas is going to pound the Panthers tonight, it is going to get ugly early. Lay $150 on the Boys

Toronto over Florida - the Leafs have been getting great goaltending from Vesa Toskala and have lost a couple of heart-breakers. An earlier Christmas present for Hazel - a Leafs win. Lay $100 on the Leafs + $110.

Anaheim over San Jose
- these two are meeting for the third team in a week - they split the first two. The Ducks are playing better than the Sharks right now, so we'll call their number tonight. Lay $100 on the Ducks + $120.

Buffalo over Philadelphia
- the second of a home and home (the Sabres won last night). The Flyers have been a below average team at home this year, Sabres get it done tonight with a smart road game in Philly. Lay $100 on the Sabres even.

Detroit over Minnesota
- the Wings finally lost a game in regulation, so we think they'll come out fired up in Minny. Gaborik is coming off a five goal, six point performance - but he'll find it a little tougher against the Wings. Lay $100 on Detroit - $125.

That's it for today gang - thanks for taking the time to check in.

It has been while since we have done a song of the day - but we are going with one today and dedicating it to the ultimate curmudgeon - Damien Cox of the Toronto Star. Damien will tell anyone who will listen (or read) that he isn't a Leaf basher, that he is objective. Leave it to Cox to write the Leafs off at Christmas with another "objective view of the Toronto Maple Leafs". Merry freakin Christmas to you Damien. From Leaf Nation to Cox

If Venice is Sinking - Spirit of the West

"If Venice is sinking, I'm going under"

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.

We're Out!


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