Monday, December 17, 2007

A glass half empty kind of weekend

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special “Hey” goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

You’d think that being the first to reach 3 wins in one of our pools would be enough to brighten what was for all intents and purposes a lousy weekend – you’d think huh? Well, if you one of our regular readers, you would know that that assumption would be wrong.

Special thanks to my man Quikdraw who started out the week by reminding us (recapping) how bad the Cowboys were yesterday against the Eagles – for good measure, Quikdraw summed up Tony Romo’s performance with a word – “bonehead”.

If 17 inches of snow on an NFL Sunday wasn’t bad enough - it was a weekend where we didn’t practice what we preach. For some stupid reason, we put our faith in teams that we know to be counterfeit and it came back to bite us in the ass…big time.

The Cincinnati Bengals lose to the San Francisco 49ers who were down to their 3rd string QB (Shaun Hill) – we didn’t watch the game as we were waste deep in Black and Tans at a Christmas party, but the final score was enough to confirm what we have thought all year long. Marvin Lewis is a terrible coach and he needs to be fired (and beaten) immediately. Come on Marvin, for the sake of your team and Bengals fans – pull a Petrino.

Leave it to the stinking Baltimore Ravens to get in the way of history. They had a chance to end New England’s dream of an undefeated season and blew it – they had a chance to extend Miami’s losing streak to 14 and blew it. The Ravens are now the proud owners of the league’s longest losing streak – 8 games – and it looks damn good on these donkeys. How Brian Billick still has a job in the NFL is beyond us – but his employment is proof positive that anyone coaching an NFL team is a dream we can all hold on to; after all, if a donkey like this can be employed…

The two donkeys cost us a week in the spreads pool – this might be the first year we haven’t won a week in this pool. Thanks for nothing.

Leave it to Jon Kitna do out-do himself in terms of sucking. Kitna went into yesterday’s game talking about how the Lions were playing well enough to beat San Diego. Kitna, who’s dream of a 10 win season went out the window last week – backed up his big talk by throwing five picks on Sunday. The best thing was that the five picks only EQUALLED his career high – way to go Jon.

Where are all the experts (hello Pete Prisco) who were fawning all over the Seattle Seahawks last week? The Seahawks proved once again what we have always known – they are road wimps; losing to the Carolina Panthers, who were starting their 3rd string QB, should put an end to any and all thoughts about these guys being a legit contender in the NFC. The Seahawks are a joke – the coach is a donkey, the QB is a head case, and their once MVP running back is looking like an old worn out sack of shyte. We’re hoping these guys make it to Dallas for a playoff game – we are going to ground and pound these chumps.

The New York Giants, ah the stinking Giants, had a chance to lock up a wild-card berth with a win at home to an under-manned Redskins team. The Giants do what they do best – fold. These clowns made Redskins QB Todd Collins look like a Pro-Bowler who could move the offence at will. Eli Manning must have thought this was a huge game for the Giants – how else can you explain the performance of the ultimate big game no-show? 34 incomplete passes on 52 thrown – the most since 1967. Giants coach Tom Coughlan must have been on the crapper for most of the game – had he been on the sideline, he would have pulled Manning for being a donkey.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, fresh off a beating at the hands of the Patriots, get beaten and manhandled again – this time by the Jaguars. Their big bad defence was manhandled by the Jags – Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew had huge holes to run through all day, and when they didn’t, they ran over and/or through the Steelers. Dan Dierdorf’s man-love for Troy Polamalu almost ruined the early afternoon…almost.

We’re not pushing the panic button in Big D – the last two weeks have been gawd-awful, but we aren’t ready to panic. Romo and company get things straightened out in Carolina this week and in Washington the week after. They lost the buffer over the Packers with yesterday’s loss – but they’ll win their last two to clinch home field through the playoffs…count on it.

To top this weekend off – in the vernacular of “be careful what you wish for”, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced that D Bryan McCabe would miss the next six to eight weeks with a broken wrist. We have long advocated that the Maple Leafs should find a way to get rid of McCabe – while this wasn’t the way we wanted to see it go down, we still think the Leafs will find they can get along without him. We’ll see.

Jacksonville Jaguars RB rushes for 147 yards and a touchdown on 29 carries – good enough to keep the Maeple Leafs in 1st place over Tilt in the yahoo pool.

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees completes 26 of 30 passes for 315 yards and 2 touchdowns – good enough to keep Tilt in second place; he played Romo instead of Brees.

Calgary Flames RW Jarome Iginla had two goals and two assists in a 5-3 win over St. Louis – this guy has NOT gotten enough credit for his play this year; he’s been one of the three best players in the league.

We finished the week at a reasonable number, + $200; the total for the year is still ugly - $2500. The long road back to respectability continues tonight:

Colorado over Los Angeles – the Kings are in such bad shape that they are asking the Maple Leafs about the availability of Andrew Raycroft – that says it all. Lay $100 on the Avs - $120.

Detroit over Washington – the Red Wings are now the league’s best home team with a 14-2-1 mark; they’re also on a 8-0-2 run over their last ten. Ovechkin and the Caps won’t get it done tonight. Lay $100 on the Wings - $260.

Chicago + 10.5 over Minnesota – we aren’t on the Tarvaris Jackson bandwagon just yet – the Vikings will win the game, but covering 10.5 against a division rival on a Monday night game may be too much to ask for. Lay $100 on the Bears.

That’s it for today gang – thanks for taking the time to check in. Special thanks to Tilt for posting. Have a great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world and that you survived the stormy weekend.

We’re Out!


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