Saturday, October 06, 2007

Manny Blast Puts Red Sox 1 Win Away...Yankees Beaten By Canadien Soldier Flies

Manny Ramirez' walk off BLAST off the Angels closer KRod sent the Red Sox on a plane to LA 1 win away from a sweep of the Western Division champs. Curt Schilling takes the hill with 12 days rest for the Sunday game that should have the BoSox coming back to Fenway awaiting the Cleveland Indians.
Dicey K sucked ass and didn't earn his paycheck or reputation.
The fan who stole the foul ball out of the Angels catchers mitt was right in doing so and is now enjoying his fame in Red Sox lore.
The Yankees return home to Yankee Stadium 1 more loss away from watching October at home. They weren't beaten by the Indians but by Canadien Soldier Flies/Ants.
Hilarious watching Joba Chamberlain come unglued due to flies.
The only good thing about the Bruins game was that the show was hosted by sexy Kathryn Tappen and Mike Milbury.
Tappen looked uncomfortable talking hockey talk but she's beautiful to look at.
Milbury is a regular hockey guy you want delivering your hockey analysis.
Predictions.... 50/50 for Fri. I won the Red Sox fucked up the Bruins.


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