Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leafs v Tards

We won't bother with the customary "Heys" because we know that no one is checking in - you are all too busy watching the Sox - we're hoping Hazel has one eye on the Leafs versus Tards tonight.

7:00 - 7:45 - The Leafs have already lost. The anti-Leaf faction (aka TSN's studio idiots) are already crapping all over Paul Maurice for choosing to start Andrew Raycroft over Vesa Toskala. No win for Maurice tonight because they are all predicting doom and gloom over the move.

7:45 - 8 seconds in and Antropov takes a hooking call. Pierre McGuire just blew his load in the booth over that call. Can he be any happier? Two minutes later and he is almost in tears at how bad Ottawa's power play was - no credit to the Leafs of course.

7:55 - play has been even, Raycroft with a couple of good saves and Leafs with two decent chances. They aren't getting blown out as was predicted. McGuire is pretty quiet tonight - this must be killing him.

7:56 - FECK. Vermette just scored - McGuire is screaming (and dancing we think). Vermette goes through D and Raycroft looks bad for first time tonight. Power play for Leafs right after goal.

8:02 - 9 minutes in and still 1-0 Tards. Pierre McGuire was howling about how the Leafs are going to have to find an answer for Antoine Vermette. Ya, an answer to neutralize a third line player. McGuire's man-love for everything SenaTard is stronger than ever.

8:04 -
SCORES - NIK ANTROPOV - McGuire is yelling, but there is no emotion.

8:08 - SCORES - NIK ANTROPOV AGAIN!!!! McGuire must have gotten a memo from his bosses - he's faking it better now.

8:10 - FECK AGAIN. McGuire is having multiples in the booth with that one. Completely dissecting how porous Toronto's D was. Six minutes left

8:20 - period ends 2-2. Pierre's take is that Toronto's defence is weak and Raycroft is shaky. Oh yeah, he was practically cooing about how calm Tards G Martin Gerber was...go figure, he gives up two goals and he's calm and composed. Go figure.

8:48 - 7 minutes into second, no goals, but Leafs definitely carrying the play. Why do I say that? Well, Pierre McGuire has been cooing again about how good Gerber has been tonight - how he is completely different from the guy who started out the year with a 2-10 record. Pierre's itching to explode over an Ottawa goal though - oh yeah, for you SenaTards who complain about biased national broadcasts...enjoying Pierre's commentary tonight?

8:50 - Surprise Surprise - McCabe in the box for tripping.

8:55 - Leafs kill off a 2 man disadvantage when Sundin called for slash - during penalty, McGuire ACTUALLY gives Nik Antropov for "two second efforts" - just wondering, wouldn't it be a second and third effort? Meh, Pierre has his own dictionary. Leafs now on power play.

9:00 - Gord Miller is in on Pierre's act now, crying about how Jason Spezza just got face washed by Alex Steen. Another Leafs power play as Tards Chris Phillips pushes net off moorings.

9:05 - Leafs poor power play may come back to haunt them tonight - they have been the better team in the second and haven't scored. 42 seconds left in penalty.


9:10 - Another penalty to Tards - Fisher for tripping, Leafs 0 for 5 on power play. Another fight for Redden - Leafs have gotten him to drop gloves twice tonight...Kris Newbury and Bates Battaglia - both fourth liners. You da man Wade!!!!! Pierre is quivering as he points out Tards Tough Guy Brian McGrattan screaming to get on the ice.

9:16 - second period over. Leafs outplayed Tards. Pierre hasn't mentioned Antoine Vermette in a while...has Toronto found an answer to the third liner? We'll wait and see.

Hey, whadda ya know? Sox win 4-0! Oh come on, we know Beckett retired 19 in a row at one point. Congrats Red Sox Nation.

9:26 - Third period about to get underway - TSN Studio gang still think Maurice is wrong for starting Raycroft. They have to hate on something.

9:39 - Five minutes into third - Leafs hitting Tards at every turn.

9:43 - McGuire calls a penalty on the Leafs - he's jumping! Hang tight Leaf Nation...we need this penalty kill - BAD!

9:47 - Leafs kill the penalty off - ten minutes left in the game. In other news, the stinking Habs won.

9:54 - Leafs power play brutal tonight, 0 for 7; which prompted Miller and McGuire to chuckle about how bad Toronto's power play has been against the Tards. They have regaled viewers with stories of Leafs failures against Tards.

9:55 - FECK. FECKIN' HEATLEY. Miller just blew his load all over McGuire. Pricks

10:09 - we're in O/T...ugh. We know what happens to Toronto if they go to a shootout. Looks like it could be a bad night at the ACC.


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