Thursday, October 04, 2007

When the lights went out in Ottawa

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "post-blackout Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

Well, the lights went out here half way through the second period - so we missed most of the Leafs v Tards game in Ottawa tonight. Good thing too, just found out that the Leafs lost 3-2; going 0 for 7 on the power play and giving up 2 goals on 10 penalties. Another game where they out play the Tards and another loss - it has to get better.

We're off to New York City this weekend - yes, we are going to take advantage of our new found purchasing power and head south on our Thanksgiving weekend. But we wouldn't leave our "Three Players" out in the cold. We're posting picks for the weekend.

We went into Thursday's action - $240, but at 10:50 pm - we're looking good to end up on the plus side of the ledger tonight and probably for the week if the Sharks so something against Edmonton. So suggestions for the weekend.

Los Angeles over BOSTON - sorry Red Sox Nation, we are going to suggest a play against Dice-K. Kelvim Escobar (Hazel would know him from her days in T.O) has been pretty good this year, if the Angels are going to win one, it will be with him. Upset special - Lay $100 on the Angels + $145.

DALLAS over Boston - its going to be a tough night for our girl Hazel if both Boston teams go down. The Bruins are going to finish in last place in the Eastern Conference of the NHL - so they might as well get to it with a loss in Big D. Lay $100 on the Stars - $180.

BUFFALO over NY Islanders - the Isles won't be much better than the Bruins this year and they are in tough, a Friday night game in Buffalo is about as tough as it gets. Lay $100 on the Sabres - $185.

Pittsburgh over CAROLINA - Crosby's first game of the season, pity the Canes. Lay $100 on the Penguins - $110.

(no lines available yet - we'll get them this weekend)

TORONTO over Montreal - the Leafs should be 2-0 this year; someone is going to have to pay for their misfortune against the Tards and we couldn't think of anyone more deserving of a beatdown than the Canadiens (who won't be that much better than Boston and the Isles). Ask Hazel, she'll tell you the Leafs will get it done on Saturday night. Lay $100 on the Maple Leafs.

New York Rangers over OTTAWA - the Tards have been lucky...lucky the Leafs' power play was terrible and lucky the Leafs didn't bury their chances - they won't be as lucky against the Rangers who are the hot pick to win the conference. Lay $100 on the Rangers.

MINNESOTA over Columbus - this could get ugly really fast. Minnesota has too much on Columbus in every facet of the game. Lay $100 on the Wild (it'll be pricey though).

No time to post our pool picks this week - so you'll have to get along with these in the interim.

1:00 pm games
NEW ORLEANS -3.5 over Carolina - ya, we said the Saints are done this year, but it doesn't mean they are going to lose every game. They'll get it going against an over-rated Panthers team - nice to see both of them start the season at 1-3. Lay $100 on the Saints.

NY GIANTS -3.5 over NY Jets - yes we think the Giants are bad, but we KNOW the Jets are horrible. We'll take Manning over Pennington in this one. Lay $100 on the Giants.

HOUSTON -5.5 over Miami - the Texans have had a couple of tough ones after starting 0-2; nothing stops a losing streak like playing the Dolphins. Trent Green is in for a LONG day in Houston. Lay $100 on the Texans and say thank you.

Seattle +6 over PITTSBURGH - two teams we aren't sold on - so why not take the points? Seattle has enough offensive firepower to keep them in this and maybe even pull it out; either way, 6 points is too good not to pass up. The Steelers haven't really played anyone yet - their season starts on Sunday.

4:00 pm games
San Diego + 1 over DENVER - Travis Henry was busted for pot - guess we know where he spent his signing bonus. The Chargers need this game - we still hate them for last week; but they'll get it done on Sunday in Denver. Here's hoping Norv Turner doesn't stop giving Tomlinson the ball after he reaches 100 yards. Lay $100 on the Chargers.

Baltimore -3.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - this pick is more about the Ravens D facing Trent Dilfer than it is about us having faith that the Ravens can turn it around. Lay $100 on the Ravens.

That's it gang - not sure if we'll be checking in from NYC; maybe, but we aren't promising. Have a great our Canadian readers Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world - if you are checking in, don't forget to call your mom for Thanksgiving.

We're Out!


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