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NFL Round Up!!!!

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae if she is checking in.

For those of you who were with us last year - you know we post NFL picks, both straight up and against the spread. Last year we cut the Kansas City Chiefs some slack - based on hearsay that Hazel was a big-time Kansas City Chiefs fan. Since there is no photographic evidence of Hazel wearing Chiefs gear, and she hasn't come out and said it in years - we're going to chalk it up to being a phase that she has outgrown. The Chiefs get no special treatment here anymore; memo to Hazel if she is checking in - there's room on the Dallas Cowboys bandwagon.

Yours truly and Tilt are in two NFL pools together - one based on spreads, the other straight up. Both pools are weighted, with the straight up pool subtracting points for incorrect selections.

We have a side bet in our straight up pool, with the loser having to buy coffee for the week. There's a twist though, losing by 50 points in a week means that you have been Dirty Sanchez'd and you have to buy lunch. Tilt has been Sanchez'd 4 times over the last couple of years, including a stellar year where he was 1-14-1 in weeks won; yours truly was Sanchez'd once (which Tilt still brags about). These picks are being posted with full knowledge that Tilt can check in and change his picks - be a man Tilt, post your damn picks.

16) SEATTLE -6.5 over Tampa Bay - this one should be a walk for the Seahawks, they have the offensive firepower to run over the Bucs D and enough defence to keep a relatively weak offence in check. Matt Hasselbeck has a big day against the Bucs.

15) HOUSTON -1.5 over Kansas City - did you read the intro? Seriously, the Chiefs have Larry Johnson, period. The offence figures to be weaker without Trent Green - the Texans play eight in the box and dare Huard to beat them. Matt Schaub is an upgrade over David Carr and Andre Johnson should have a huge day.

14) Philadelphia - 2.5 over GREEN BAY - you know its a sad day when we are picking that Chunky Soup lovin' mama's boy McNabb. The Eagles have enough defence to keep the Packers in check and their offence should be able to get some big plays against the Pack's defence. Eagles get it done rather easily.

13) SAN DIEGO -5.5 over Chicago - while everyone talks about Chicago's defence, let's not forget that playing Green Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota six times a season makes things easier. The Bears will have to find a way to stop the league's best running back and contain the likes of Antonio Gates off play action. Chicago plays a field position game - tough to think you are going to stop LT, Rivers and Gates on three and outs all afternoon.

12) DALLAS -5.5 over NY Giants - did you read the intro? Seriously, all the controversy in the Giants camp has distracted people from one important fact - they're not a good football team. The Cowboys on the other hand have all the pieces in place (don't screw this up Romo) to take a run at the Super Bowl - they are better in every facet of the game. Cowboys win big in Big D Sunday night.

11) Pittsburgh -4.5 over CLEVELAND - we aren't big on the Steelers, but with Charlie Frye being named the Browns starter...It's a divisional game, blah blah blah - the Steelers have too much on both sides of the ball.

10) Tennessee +6.5 over JACKSONVILLE - David Garrard is about to find out the difference between being the people's choice, a backup QB, and the people's whipping boy. Jacksonville struggled to score points last year, so we think Vince Young has enough big plays in him to keep this one close. Look for a backdoor cover in this one.

09) New England -6.5 over NY Jets - the Patriots will be looking to make a statement on Sunday, by pounding a division rival. New England has too much firepower for the Jets, the defence has more than enough to overwhelm noodle-armed Chad Pennington and the Jets pop-gun offence.

08) New Orleans +6.5 over Indianapolis - two very similar teams; plenty of offensive firepower and plenty of questions on defence. Indianpolis MAY win this game, but the Saints will definitely keep this one close - no backdoor cover here, this one will go down to the last couple of minutes.

07) Detroit +1.5 over OAKLAND - God help us, we are putting our faith in Jon Kitna and the always disappointing Lions. This pick is more about how much of a mess the Raiders still are than our faith in the Lions. Thankfully we won't have to look at Culpepper, unless it is a blowout.

06) SAN FRANCISCO -3.5 over Arizona - the 49ers are a sexy pick this year with people expecting Alex Smith to have a breakout year. The Cards have some great weapons in Boldin and Fitzgerald - but their defence will let them down...again. The 49ers win their home opener.

05) Miami +3.5 over WASHINGTON - can someone explain how the Redskins are favoured to beat anyone? Miami isn't great, but Trent Green makes them better than they were last year - Washington still has some growing pains to go through with Jason Campbell. Miami probably wins this game outright - at worst the keep it close and beat the spread.

04) Denver -3.5 over BUFFALO - we really do like Denver, but the Bills have been known to get off to some improbable good starts. Mike Shanhan is pretty conservative on the road which leaves the Broncos vulnerable to a backdoor cover.

03) CINCINNATI -3.5 over Baltimore - the Bengals D is bad enough to make the Ravens offence look much better than it is, Carson Palmer and "Ocho Cinco" should put up enough points to win - but can their defence hold the Ravens? We think so...but it is only a three point pick.

02) ST. LOUIS over Carolina - the Rams are a different team at home, they're decent. The Rams should pound the ball with Steven Jackson against a Carolina D that doesn't defend well against the rush. Look for the play action pass to be a big weapon for the Rams. Jake Delhomme? meh...

01) Atlanta +3.5 over MINNESOTA - a hunch pick...something tells us that "happy-feet" Harrington has a good game to make Atlanta fans forget about Mike Vick - for one Sunday at least. Minnesota doesn't have enough to cover the spread.


16) SEATTLE over Tampa Bay

15) SAN DIEGO over Chicago

14) DALLAS over NY Giants

13) New England over NY JETS

12) Pittsburgh over Cleveland

11) INDIANAPOLIS over New Orleans - remember, backdoor cover for the Saints

10) Philadelphia over GREEN BAY

09) Jacksonville over Tennessee - Young isn't ready for primetime...yet

08) HOUSTON over Kansas City

07) Denver over BUFFALO

06) CINCINNATI over Baltimore

05) SAN FRANCISCO over Arizona

04) Detroit over OAKLAND

03) Miami over Washington

02) ST. LOUIS over Carolina

01) Atlanta over MINNESOTA

SUICIDE PICK - Seattle (for now)

There was baseball last night - but nothing we want to talk about. It was a bad night for most people reading this page.

Cincinnati Reds 1B Joey Votto (born in Hazel's hometown of Toronto) had three hits, including a home run in his second career at bat, to lead the Reds to a 7-0 win over the Mets.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1B Carlos Pena had two home runs, including a grand slam, and drove in seven to lead the Rays to a 17-2 win over the Orioles.

Toronto Blue Jays CF Vernon Wells had three hits, including a game winning two run home run in the ninth, and drove in three runs to lead the Jays to a come from behind 6-4 win over the Red Sox. All that with a bad shoulder...the Chickenhawk is smiling today.

We jumped the gun a little yesterday - who would have thought that the Phillies would blow a six run lead in the eighth? We made up some ground last night - but still finished in the red for the day. What did we tell you about the three games to avoid last night? Does that count for anything? It would have counted for big time $ had we suggested going against them.

The total for the week stands at + $355 - we'll get it back on track today.

Pittsburgh and St. Louis over 10 - Mike Maroth takes the mound for the Cardinals today and you know that means runs - St. Louis was shut down last night, so you have to think that Rick Ankiel and Albert Pujols are due for big games...any of this make sense? It doesn't have to - there will be runs in this game. Lay $100 on the over -$ 115.

Chicago and Detroit over 9.5 - Chad Durbin's career numbers against the Sox are ugly, so expect the Sox to put up some runs; the Tigers are due for an offensive outburst of their own. Lay $100 on the over - $110.

We'll be back later this afternoon - through Tilt, to post tonight's picks.

That's it for this morning gang - thanks for taking the time to check in. Have great one peeps.

Hazel, we hope things are groovy in your world.

We're Out.


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