Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Do me a favor folks okay?
If you're attending attending any of the Red Sox games at Fenway Park this week
please bring a sign showing your love and support for NESN field reporter Tina Cervasio.
Why? Because signs for NESN game announcers Don "Giggles" Orsillo and Jerry "RemDawg" Remy are so overdone,passe and quite frigging boring.
Cervasio works harder than those two guys.
When Tina first came to Boston on NESN-fans were turned off by her. They missed her successors Hazel Mae and Eric Frede. Fans wrote in blogs,sports sites how they didn't like her look and made nasty comments which Cervasio read. She was new in town and wanted to see how she was going over. When Tina read the criticisms she was upset. It was Hazel Mae who advised Cervasio not to read the blogs and message boards.
Tina C. got her hairstyled,got tanned and just let her personality come through.
Fans just fell in love with her and it shows in Cervasio how much she loves the fans back.
I gotta be honest with you I'd much rather look at Tina even not doing anything in the field crew box than Dumb and Dumber trying to do their
game shtick with their grey hair and receding hairlines.
Especially with a blow out. Just show Tina sitting there. Smiling. Reading.Eating. Making Faces.
Tina reports to the park early in the afternoon taking in club press conferences, getting interviews with both teams players. Then she writes her scripts for her segments.
Tina C. then gets all glammed up to do the pregame show with Tom Caron and various Globe insiders.
Then that time comes at 7pm when Giggles and RemDawg take over the NESN airwaves in the comfort of their TV studio to call the game.
Where's our girl Tina? She's braving the weather elements outside.
Yep. Hot sun? Tina's out there tanning and sweating her fine ass off by the sweltering field.
Pouring rain? Cervasio's out there getting soaked to her bones out in the field box or camera's box.
Freezing cold? Tina C's out there freezing her tits off to make sure you get the clubhouse info you need.
High Wind? Tina's sacrificing her expensive salon hair style to give you an interview with a player.
She's out there for you and me in the trenches getting the job done!
Damn she looks great doing it too.
Where are Don and Jerry? In the comfy booth.
After the game she's got to get the interviews with everyone win or lose while Don and Jerry are homeward bound.
Yeah Tina Cervasio earns the Sign Love!
Cervasio is married to her lucky husband Kevin who's been very supportive of his wife's
brilliant career. We should be equally supportive of his wife's work.
Tina's gorgeous,has a smile that can light up fenway Park if the Sox don't pay the electric bill,
intelligent,funny and a true pro in the business.
She works hard and her success is reflective of her talent and dedication to her work.
So when you go to Fenway Park this week... bring a sign of support and love for Tina Cervasio.
Aim it at the camera and let Tina, her bosses at NESN,hubby Kevin and fans know that you love this lady's work. I do and you should too.
Lets see some Tina Cervasio signs this week at Fenway! Do it for Tina! Do it for me!
Tell her QuikDraw from the Thoughts of Hazel Mae blog mentioned her!
She's a true NESN hottie!
Tina if you're reading this-If you're reading this I know an autographed swimsuit photo of you is out of the question but I'd take an autographed pic.


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