Sunday, September 23, 2007

Magic Number Is Still 6...Big Week Ahead For Sox/Yanks

My crystal ball is still working folks...yep.
In my original forecast the other day when I went out on a limb and predicted the home stretch
picture. I said the Red Sox would win 2 of 3 from Tampa Bay. They did.
The Yanks and Blue Jays would split the 4 game series in the Bronx and so far the Yanks hold a 2-1 series edge heading into the Monday finale.

Red Sox Magic Number is 6.
The Sox could not have had a better time to have a day off than Monday and a better place than Fenway Park to battle it out for the AL East crown.
The Sox are home for 2 vs the A's and 4 vs the Twins.
The Yanks after Monday are on the road for 3 in Tampa Bay and 3 in Baltimore.

Something has to give this week.

The Angels and Indians will be standings watching as they wait to find out who their AL East dance partner will be in October and whether they are hosting or traveling for their dates.
Both teams clinched their respective division titles Sun.

If the Red Sox tie with either the Angels or Indians (or both) for the best overall record in the AL,the Red Sox would be given homefield advantage. The Red Sox have won the regular season series with both of those 2 clubs.

Aaah the AL East..Gotta love it.


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