Monday, September 24, 2007

Red Sox Magic # Is 5...Yanks Lose To Jays In Finale!

The Red Sox Magic Number is 5 and the New York Yankees dropped to 2 games back of the Sox .

The Yanks were beaten Monday afternoon by the Toronto Blue Jays 4-1 in the finale of their 4 game tilt in the Bronx. Yours truly predicted both series outcomes (applause) !

So here we go folks..6 games for the AL East title.
In 2007
The Red Sox were 2-4 vs Oakland and 2-1 vs Minnesota
Yankees were 8-7 vs both the Devil Rays and Orioles
Keep in mind that both the Red Sox and Yankees will battle hard for the AL East but you can bet they hope the titles settled early so they can rest their veterans earlier.
Tentative Pitching MatchUps:
Oakland VS Boston 2 game series (Boston sweep)
TUES: 1) Gaudin 11-12 vs Shelling 8-8......... Red Sox -W (Bullpen bails out Curt)
WED: 2)Blanton 14-10 vs Lester 4-0 and Buchholz -W (soon as Lester's in the shit Buchhs in the game.)
Yankees AT Tampa Bay 3 game series (Yanks 2-1)
TUES: Clemens 6-6 VS Hamel 2-5 ....Yanks W (Clemens bulldogs a great W)
WED: Wang 18-7 VS Howell 1-5........Yanks W (Wang got roughed up vs BJs-revenge is sweet.)
THURS: Hughes 4-3 VS Kazmir 13-9..... TBay W (I like the Kazmanian devil)
Minnesota VS Boston 4 game series (Boston wins 3-1) Sox miss Johan Santana
THURS: Baker 9-9 VS Beckett 20-6 Red Sox W (place goes crazy as Beckett wins 21st)
FRI: Slowey 4-0 VS Dicey K 14-12 Red Sox W (Sox Clinch AL East)
SAT: Silva 12-14 VS Wakefield 16-12 Twins W (Problems for Wake continue)
SUN: Garza 4-6 VS Shelling 8-8 Red Sox W (Shelling may not pitch long if at all if Sox clinch
he'll get a big fucking send off in his last game as a Red Sox)
Yankees AT Baltimore 3 game series Orioles win 2 - 1..Yanks rest veterans
FRI: Mussina 11-10 VS Leicester 2-3 (Yanks win)
SAT: Pettitte 14-8 VS Cabrera 9-17 (O's win..Pettite may not pitch)
SUN: Clemens 6-6 VS Burress 6-6 (O's win...Clemens rests for Playoffs)


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