Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tilt Report - Go fight a Pitbull

Congradulations to Jerry Yang, who took home a cool $8.25 million after taking down Canadian Tuan Lam (from Toronto/North York) at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Yang won the main event of the tournament, beating out 6,358 other competitors to take the title. It cost Yang essentially $225 to win $8.25 million as his $10,000 entry fee was won through a $225 satelite event at his local casino. This years WSOP drew less people however, the competition remained top notch.

What is it with Pacman Jones??? The guy gets suspended by the NFL and instead of waiting out his suspension he decides to enter pro wrestling. Personally I think he and Micheal Vick ought to get together and organize a Man vs. Pitbull competition. They can get Tom Donaghy to not only referee the contest but also to set the betting lines.

Its good to see that Kevin Garnett has found himself a new home in Boston. Between Garnett and Paul Pierce the Celtics seem to look like their on the verge of returning to the playoffs. From my perspective you can't lose with Garnett who has shown that he's not only one of the leagues best players - but also among the more classy players. Mind you its going to be strange to see Garnett put on a jersey that isn't a Minnisota jersey.

MLBs trade deadline is nearing and players are starting to be moved. Still have to wonder if Dontrelle Willis and Eric Gagne are going to get moved. Gagne will likely find himself a new home shortly (perhaps the Yankees, who have the aging Mariano Riveria). Speaking of the Yankee...but does A-Rod seem to be a bigger asshole these days??? And on that note...Barry Bonds WILL hit his record setting home run in San Francisco. San Frans management has spent WAY to much money not to let this little event happen at home. Bonds may tie the record on the road, but the record setting swing will happen AT&T Park.

Looks like Daunte Culpepper might not end up in Dallas afterall (I still think he will). Culpepper has been working out with the Raiders, given that JaMarcus Russell is still holding out. Speaking of hold outs, Micheal Strahan holding out can't be good news for the New York Giants. Can this team break down any more??? Somehow I sense a blow up of the current roster sometime during this season.

Last week I had a long discussion with a fan of NASCAR. Now, NASCAR still doesn't qualify as a sport to me (no motor sport actually does), but I still can't figure out the excitement of watching cars zip around a giant oval. I just wonder if you'd confuse the drivers if you made the make continuous left hand turns instead of continuous right hand turns.

Aight, I'm outta here...check in next week when I post my Top 10 Females of all time (unfortunately Hazel will NEVER make it onto my list).


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