Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tilt Report - July 23, 2007

K - can someone please explain to me what the NFL is doing? With all due respect to the Commissioner but Micheal Vick ought to be suspended without pay. Guilty or not, the one thing about Vick at the current time is that he's an idiot. How do you throw a multi-million dollar career by getting yourself involved (or even leaving the optics of being involved?). I mean seriously, couldn't Vick's friends (who are likely the key players) find something more useful and constructive with their time? Instead of running an illegal dog fighting ring - how about running a foundation to help out inner city youths? Oh, I forgot helping out kids doesn't quite bring the street credibility that illegal dog fighting does. And speaking of street credibility - HEY VICK...you make MILLIONS - if that's not enough street cred. I don't know what is.

Speaking of the NFL - training camps opened this week. Should be an interesting lead up to the start of the season. Still wondering how long it will be before Dante Culpepper joins the Dallas Cowboys.

Ray Emery and the Ottawa Senators avoided arbitriation when he signed a three year contract for $9.5 million. I'll give credit to Emery and his agent for getting the most out of the Sens. But really, is Emery worth that amount of money? Having said that are half of the players in the NHL worth their salaries??? Let's hope that with Crosby signing his contact extention it brings down the salaries that players are seeking. If Crosby is worth $8.7 million annually, there is no way that other players can be worth more than $9 million.

What is going on in MLB. The Yankees are smacking the ball all over the place, Aaron Harang pitches 10+ innings (in a no decision) after burying his father. Bonds keeps eyeing the home run record, but keeps falling short...if the San Fran management want Bonds to hit the record home run at home...they should just bench Bonds on the road. Give the old man a break and let him sit. Toronto apparently is NOT looking to move Troy Glause (JP loves this guy) but I doubt that he'll be in a Jays jersey by trade deadline. JP do the right thing and trade for some pitching!!!

The under-20s football tournament is over. Outside of a minor international incident the event went well across Canada. Congrats to Argentina for taking it down. Football continues to grow in North America and it may be in FIFAs interest to have a North American country host another World Cup soon.


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