Saturday, July 14, 2007

Does Gary Have An "Off" Button?

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to the soon to be President of Red Sox Nation Hazel Mae.

So the Boston Red Sox are ready to elect their first President of Red Sox Nation - and we say "Who better to represent the Nation than Hazel?" who was nominated for the honour. Hazel, if you are checking in, we'd be honoured to serve as your campaign managers.

We here are "Thoughts of Hazel Mae" love Gary Sheffield as a ball player - there are few guys in the majors that bring what Sheff does to a team: he has all the physical tools, a great bat, and a competitive fire to win like few others. There is no doubt that Sheffield is his own man and one major leaguer who doesn't shy away from sharing his true feelings on an issue (whether or not he is asked).

Sheffield is in the news again, for sharing his views on how he (and other African American players) were treated in New York by Manager Joe Torre. This one strikes us as a little strange, considering that Torre is generally regarded as a class act. According to Sheffield, Torre treats players differently, he cites his belief that Torre has no problem "calling black players out in the media" but when the perceived problem is with a white player "they are called to his office to discuss the situation." Sheffield also made some comments about Derek Jeter "not being black - he's also white", and his strained relationship with Barry Bonds.

We love the guy as a player...given the timing of his comments, with Detroit cruising along, we have to ask - Does this guy have an "off" button?

Quarter-Final day in the FIFA Under-20 World Championships today - meh, who cares now? Anyone interested in buying a good pair of tickets to tomorrow's game of the tournament between Mexico and Argentina? Lemme know.

Red Sox West P Chad Billingsley pitched six shutout innings against the Giants to lead the good guys to a 9-1 win. Billingsley gave up four hits and three walks and struck out two. Dodgers manager Grady Little said Billingsley was outstanding in pitching out of a couple of jams yesterday.

Baltimore Orioles P Eric Bedard pitched seven shutout innings against the White Sox to lead the O's to a 2-0 win - Bedard gave up three hits and two walks while striking out seven.

The aforementioned Gary Sheffield had one hit yesterday, but he made it count with a third inning grand slam to lead the Tigers to a 6-3 win over the Mariners. Gary, just let your bat do the talking man.

Well, we look to be back on track with a 3-0 night last night - bringing the total for the week up to + $405. We'll keep things going with another 3-0 night tonight.

Milwaukee over Colorado - We'll back Ben Sheets over Rodrigo Lopez tonight, especially after that Brewers' loss last night to Canadian-born Jeff Francis. We like Milwaukee to jump over Lopez early and often. Lay $100 on the Brewers - $185.

New York over Tampa Bay - We like Chien-Ming Wang to get the Yankees back on track after yesterday's loss (how happy is Red Sox Nation that Clemens signed with New York?) against Andy Sonnanstine. Lay $100 on the pinstripes - $210.

Boston over Toronto - Ok Dice-K, time to put an end to the Blue Jays season - TONIGHT. We like Matsuzaka tonight over Dustin McGowan (who may be in over his head at Fenway)...there had better not be any secret Hazel Karma working for the Blue Jays tonight. Lay $100 on the Sox - $210.

New York over Cincinnati - The Reds have been on a bit of a roll lately, but we can't see them continuing it with Matt Belisle on the mound against Tom Glavine...especially after having beaten John Maine yesterday. Lay $100 on the Mets - $180.

Also consider - San Diego over Arizona, Baltimore over Chicago, and Oakland over Minnesota.

That's it for today gang...thanks for taking the time to check in. Have a great one peeps!

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world - here's hoping you are elected as El Presidente of Red Sox Nation.

We're Out.


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