Monday, May 14, 2007

The Dreaded "B" Word

Hey Peeps and anyone else checking in. A special "Hey" goes out to Hazel Mae.

The word that Red Sox Nation will come to dread surfaced yesterday as Josh Beckett left after pitching four innings against the Orioles - blister. While word being used yesterday was "avulsion" (the skin tearing on his finger) - it sounds a lot like a blister problem. We'll wait to hear more today - or if he misses his next start, as was hinted - but I have to think Red Sox Nation would be holding their collective breath; here's hoping the fairer members of the Nation are wearing tanks tops when the take that deep breath in.

I know I'd be worried - having followed Beckett's career from the day he broke in with the Marlins, its like Groundhog Day. He has had a few very promising/dominant beginnings to seasons derailed by problems like this - come to think of it, it was usually around this time that the problems would surface. Beckett would be off to a great start and then the finger problems would come - he'd would try to pitch through it, but he wasn't nearly the dominant guy who started the season. Start saving that pickle brine - Beckett might turn to it again to toughen up the fingers. I'm sure things are fine...I mean, its not like you are relying on J.P. Ricciardi to give you updates on injury status...right? Terry Francona and the Sox brass wouldn't mislead you...would they?

Good luck Red Sox - that 10+ game lead is going to come in handy if Beckett repeats past history.

The Anaheim Ducks picked up a big win yesterday in Detroit to even the series at one game apiece. The brothers Niedermeyer were key figures in the game - with Rob scoring the opener on a controversial goal and Scott ending it fourteen minutes into the first overtime. The game was a lot closer than Friday's game - but Detroit was lucky to be in it after the first period. Anaheim completely outplayed the Red Wings - Ryan Getzlaf was a champ in the first period and could have had two goals were it not for a lucky save by Hasek and a post he hit. Anaheim deserved to win the game and would have blown Detroit out had their suddenly anemic power play been working. Burke's boys go home with the series tied and one and we see them winning both before going on to win the series - let's hope they meet the Sabres in the finals.

Speaking of the Sabres...they're in town tonight to face the SenaTards - I'm calling out for Hazel Karma tonight.


Anaheim Ducks D Scott Niedermeyer scored the winning goal last night - that's good enough for us.

Team Canada LW Rick Nash had two goals yesterday in Canada's win over Finland in the IIHF World Hockey Championship.

Minnesota Twins CF Torii Hunter had a monster game last night against the Tigers - hitting two home runs and driving in seven in the 16-4 beatdown of the Tigers.


We finished yesterday 2-1 but the balance sheet was even. Our total for the year stands at + $1,830. Today's suggestions

Oakland over K.C - we like Dan Haren (especially because he is on Maeple Leafs roster) to get it down against Gil Meche. Lay $100 on the A's - $170.

NY Mets over Chicago - Jason Marquis goes back to being Jason Marquis tonight...he won't be flirting with a no-hitter vs. the Mets. Lay $100 on the Mets - $140.

Atlanta over Washington - We'll go with Smoltz tonight, no explanation needed. Lay $100 on the Braves - $185.

We may be back later this afternoon with a suggestion on the Sabres/Tards game tonight.

That's it for today gang...running late. Have a great one peeps.

If you have something to present, promote or to push, you will have a captive audience. Make contacts through the Internet that can help you further your goals. Don't let someone close to you stand in your way. 3 stars

Hazel, I hope things are groovy in your world.

Song of the Day on Hazelspeeps - its David Byrne's birthday today

Burning Down The House - Talking Heads

Peesth Out...Buh Bye!


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