Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fallsview Casino

This past weekend some friends and I decided to head down to Fallview Casino in Niagra to play some live poker. Fallsview is definately a nice casino and of the ones I've visited to date the nicest. The poker room was busy with lots of action. They had decent tables (although they needed to clean up under the tables) and the dealers seem to keep the action going fairly well.

Some things I observed while I was at the tables:

1) If you're not part of the hand, keep your mouth shut. Things you say can influence the play regardless of whether you think you're being seen.

2) The play is often looser then you think. Watch for betting patterns especially when players are in the blinds or on the button.

3) Don't string bet (making more then one motion with your chips). The safest thing to do is announce a call, bet or raise before reaching for your chips.

4) Post your blinds. Nothing slows a game down then when people don't post their blinds.

5) Be weary of quiet players. Often they are the dangerous ones. Make sure you have a big hand if you're going to play along.

6) Don't underestimate women. Nuf said.

7) Keep your composure. Even if you lose a big hand, keep your composure or else you'll cost yourself more money by making poor decisions.

8) Be mindful of your bankroll. Play to your limit and never more.


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